}); What If This Was Your Last Year To Live? – Blinds-Eye View

What If This Was Your Last Year To Live?

Think about it.  For some reason or other, you have one year left to live.  365 days left to fulfill your bucket list.  12 months of final experiences.  One year to do everything you can possibly afford to do.  And no, you can’t ask more time.  You only have this one last year, and the resources you currently own or can earn in this last year.  How do you spend those last 365 days?  It’s not an easy question to answer, is it?  Here is what I would do, in no particular order.

Spend More Quality Time With Family and Friends

With the exception of those solitary moments I prefer to have to myself, I’d want to spend as much time with my family and friends as possible.  As much as I enjoy my hermit existence sometimes, I enjoy having fun with my friends and family more.  Life without people is not life.

Write My Life Story

It may be a relatively boring and depressing read, but I’d love to have my autobiography to hand down to my kids and their kids.  As much as I know about my parents and their parents’ lives, I would give anything to have a full scope view of their lives to compare them to mine.  The differences in how they were raised, technologies, and education would be amazing.  I’d hope my children, and theirs would appreciate the same.

Have As Much Sex As I Possibly Could

Anyone who truly knows me knew this one was coming.  What can I say?  For a guy who’s had very little sex in his life, I’m one of the dirtiest little old men you’ll ever meet.  I’d only have one year to make up for the many teen and adult years I’ve been going at it solo.  One 7-year marriage of sex out of 33 adult years is a pretty sucky average.  With such a short time left, I’d have no reason to keep up any pretense of morality.  I might as well go after anything I could get, right?  Well, anything that wouldn’t make me physically ill, of course, …lol.

Eat, Drink, And Be Marty

I would eat what I wanted to eat.  Diabetes be damned.  I would drink as much as I wanted to drink.  Liver be double damned.  I would have as much fun as possible on my meager monthly budget.  Of course, the fun would take second seat to my family and friends.  Being a gluttonous alcoholic isn’t half as fun if you’re making your friends and family sad.

Write My Will And Make Arrangements

On the completely opposite side of the spectrum, I would make sure my will, after-death arrangements, and children were taken care of.  I won’t get into those very personal details here, of course.  I will reveal that I want my corpse blown to smithereens though.  Just load me up with some dynamite, C4, or whatever explosives are handy.  Light it up, and everybody scream “There he goes!”  Hey, if it’s good enough for George Carlin, it sounds pretty damn good to me.

Live As Irresponsibly As Possible

This was pretty much covered in the “Eat, Drink, And Be Marty” section above, but I want to emphasize.  Beyond the care and love of my children, who will always come first, and the couple responsible duties listed in this post, I plan on living life to the fullest with as little responsibility as possible.  That’s how your last year of life should be spent, in my opinion.

Encourage Celebration Over Grief

Without sounding full of myself here, the only thing I wouldn’t be looking forward to in those 365 days, besides the bummer ending, of course, is my family and friends being sad about my impending death.  Yes, mourning is a natural reaction of the sentient soul, but I’d much rather people celebrate my life than mourn my passing.  My dad felt that way and insisted my siblings and I raise a beer in his name the night he died.  It’s the most positive way you can look at someone leaving your life forever, I guess.

Write, Write, Write!

Whenever I’m not being Mr. Party Animal or hanging out with friends and family, I want to keep up my writing novels and blog posts.  Maybe they’ll be more popular and profitable after I’m dead, right?  😊  Making people laugh and entertaining them with my stories is what I truly want to be remembered for.  People have been laughing at me my entire life.  Why should that change after I’m gone?

So, what would you do if you only had one year left to live?  Would your list be similar to mine, or would you have something even wilder in mind?  Let me know in the comment section below.