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What If I Could Be A Child Again

Every adult longs for those good old days when they were a kid.  Life seemed so much simpler then.  No 40-hour work weeks, no bills, no taxes to pay, no housework.  We had it made.  With the exception of a few easy house chores, keeping up our grades, and a few 5-minute jobs here and there, childhood was a breeze.  Here are some of the big things I miss from being a kid.

Making Faces At People

As fun as this is, you just can’t get away with it as an adult.  Sticking out your tongue at people, pulling your mouth wide open, or a thousand other weird faces we made to make people laugh.  You just can’t do that in a job interview, when your boss is annoying you, or when you’re conducting day to day business with a client.  And most girlfriends and spouses don’t appreciate them in the middle of serious discussions or sex either, let me tell you.  But there’s nothing more fun than pulling one of these gems out at the least appropriate time.

Blowing Bubbles In Your Drink

If you didn’t do this as a kid, you’re a god, damn liar!  EVERY kid blew bubbles in there milk, soda, water, what-have-you.  And doing it in a public place like a restaurant, where you had a straw, was best!  Sure, after a while, Mom and or Dad would get annoyed enough about it to tell you to knock it off, but it was golden while it lasted.  Why we did it?  To this day, I really couldn’t say.  Quite simply, because it was fun.

Blowing Soap Bubbles

Not quite as fun as doing it with a straw and cup, I miss the days of just sitting on the front porch with a container of soap bubbles and a ring and blowing bubbles.  Huge ones the size of your head, or a string of fast moving small ones that would whip away in the wind.  There was nothing better to waste a lazy afternoon on.  Sitting outside as a 51-year-old man doing it though, and people just stare at you, wondering if you’re right in the head.  The answer would be no.  Now let me blow my bubbles in peace!

Boys and Girls Had Little Interest In Each Other

I don’t know that this was so much a “good thing” from being a kid, but it was definitely a different world back then.  Boys generally played with boys, and girls hung out with girls.  There wasn’t any of the social or sexual tension we experience as teens or adults.  All you had to worry about was catching cooties from the opposite sex.  Don’t get me wrong.  I could REALLY go for some social or sexual tension in my adult life right now.  It’s just that life was a lot simpler without it back then.  Even if you were a boy who played with girls or visa versa, it was no big deal.  Like I said, it was so much simpler back then.

Getting Dirty

Unless you had the type of uptight parents who made you take a shower, brush and floss your teeth, comb your hair and polish your shoes before going fishing, it was totally acceptable to be a filthy mess, playing in the mud and dirt all day.  And nobody judged you for it, even if you were going in town.  These days, half of the jobs out there not only require perfect grooming but a tie and dress clothes.  Even if you just work in a grocery store.  Totally ridiculous!  I’d rather stay at home and make mud pies.

School vs. Job

Like I mentioned in the beginning, responsibilities were much easier as a child.  I’ll take a 7 hour school day, where you have every weekend and major holiday off over a grueling 40-hour work week with rotating days and shifts any time.  I’m not saying that school is easy mind you.  It truly sucks in these days of standardized testing scores meaning more than actual intelligence in our youth.  It still beats working in the real world though.  I miss my recesses, nap time and holiday parties from grade school!

Play Time

Yes, even as adults, we do have our play time.  Video games, binge-watching TV, going to concerts, surfing the internet, and role-playing being just a few examples.  It’s the small extent of time we have to actually do this that I resent.  For little kids, it’s like ¾ of their lives.  Yet, if I spend an entire day trying to beat a boss in my favorite video game, binge-watching “My Little Pony,” or playing Dungeons & Dragons, I’m an irresponsible adult?  Hey, my family has been fed, the house is picked up, and the dishes are done.  What I do in my spare time is up to me!  Pfftt!  😊

Imagination and Imaginary Friends

As a child who was a bit socially awkward, mostly because of my being different from the rest of the kids, my imagination was my best friend.  I would dream up all kinds of wild and adventurous scenarios to occupy my time and mind with.  And yes, I had my share of imaginary friends, who I kept to myself.

And though my imagination still entertains not only me but all of my readers now, it’s still not socially acceptable for an adult to have imaginary friends.  They call this a psychosis.  To that, me and my imaginary, invisible, seeing eye dog Pickles only have one thing to say.  (Sticks out tongue, makes googley face, and both of us moon you.)

So, what activity do you miss most from being a child?  Is it one of these, or something even more unique?  Leave your comments down below.