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What Have I Accomplished This Year?

Up until this particular one, it’s been several years since I actually felt like I’ve accomplished anything by the end of the year.  Excuse my pessimism for the moment, but that’s a pretty damn sad statement for the course of 365 days.  To think that it’s been 365 days so many times since I’ve felt I accomplished anything worthwhile?  Damn sad.  It reflects very poorly on my life the past several years.

But like I said, this one is different.  No, it’s not been filled with all kinds of good news and excitement.  I’m still single and very lonely, my pathetic social life is even more pathetic and nonexistent, and my health has degraded quite a bit.  Overall though, I’m happier and more optimistic than I was at this time last year.  That should give ya a pretty good clue how bad it was….LMAO.

The reason that I’m so happy this year is the fact that I finally gave up the financial security of a job that was killing me, both physically and psychologically.  Not to mention the fact that I was getting closer and closer to losing the job anyway, due to my failing health and vision.  There is no greater slap to your soul than knowing and seeing your increasing failure.  And that’s what I was becoming at that job; A failure.

Knowing that my physical and visual disabilities were going to make it next to impossible for me to thrive in any traditional job any more, I chose to fall back on one of my first love’s; writing.  Not only as a way to enjoy something I am good at for a change but as a potential way of making a living.  My blog and the short story and novel I’ve created in the past 6 months are my first stepping stones towards that goal.

Thus far, my blog only has a total of 170 subscribers, less than a dozen of these being active viewers to my knowledge.  I have only sold 16 copies of my first published short story “Pre-Hysterical Times,” and only one digital version of my new full-length novel, “The Vampire Chad.”  I have definitely put more time and money into the site, my publications, and their advertising than I have made thus far.

But again, it’s only been 6 months.  Only the most profitable of businesses break even their first year, let alone makes a profit; The arts even more so.  And I am perfectly willing to admit, I’m a MUCH better writer than I am a salesman.  I can only hope that the people who do enjoy my work, spread the word and it grows from there.  Advertising and the expenses behind it are out of my league.  Only time will tell, right?  I’m far from even considering throwing in the towel.  Besides, I truly enjoy what I’m doing for a change.  Even if I’m only entertaining a handful of folks, that’s still a handful.

And that’s what I’ve accomplished this year, and why I will weigh it in as a successful one, regardless of its many downfalls.  Let’s hope that 2018 gives me, even more, reasons to continue sharing those smiles.