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The Vampire Chad (Part 22)

But then again, maybe I shouldn’t keep it from her?  First and foremost, there’s was no way I was going to be able to travel the whole way to Scotland and back without being gone at least a few days.  There was no way I could explain being away that long of a time from her.  Not without her insisting that she was coming along.

Secondly, I really had no guarantee that the Primus sanguis figurine would actually work any better than it had for Tash.  Yes, I’d theorized that it hadn’t worked for him because he wasn’t a vampire, but I had no solid proof that was the reason.  I needed some sort of dry run with the thing to test its abilities.  And there was only one test subject other than O’Reilly that was available to me; Chrystal.

And finally, third, Chrystal had a right to have a part in the revenge against Marcus.  He’d not only held her captive just recently but had been chasing after her for 200 years now.  What better form of closure for her than to assist in the monster’s demise?  Granted, I’d have to come clean with her when it came to the Primus sanguis figurine, its power, and how I’d come upon it.

And then it hit me, how to cover all my bases, have my cake and eat it too, and hit all the birds with one stone.  I would use the figurine on Chrystal first.  That was my original plan in the first place, to find something in the tome which would let me know whether she was using mystical or just feminine charms on me to change me into something I wasn’t.  The Primus sanguis figurine should accomplish that if it worked.

If in fact, I was successful, then I’d not only have the truth I wanted from her, but I would know the effectiveness of the figurine and its prospective usefulness against Marcus O’Reilly.  And depending on how well it worked on Crystal, I might be able to escape any flack from her about any and all of the situation.

It was the perfect plan!  That is, along as the figurine worked.  If it didn’t, I’d have a “lotta splaining” to do to Chrystal and would have to find a different way to deal with Marcus.  I still had the rest of the Praeter Naturam to translate in regards to the supernatural powers of the Mixed-Blood.  Maybe there would be more help there?  Plain and simple, I had options.

Anyway, by the time I had this figured out, Chrystal returned.  Not having enough time before daybreak to venture into any of this, I put all my ideas on the back shelf for the night, traded some small talk with her, and got ready for bed.  While she was in the bathroom washing off her makeup, I slid the Primus sanguis figurine into the drawer of my nightstand.

She returned to the bedroom then, wearing nothing but that beautiful sexy smile of hers, and we spent the remainder of the short time we had before dawn reminding each other how much we truly loved each other.  I’m proud to admit that I managed to remind her twice before dawn whisked us asleep in each other’s arms.

The next morning I managed to wake up before she did.  Yes, vampires are just like people.  There is no internal alarm which wakes us up at the crack of dawn or anything.  Granted, we do not wake up before the sun has fully set, but it can be an hour or more after that till we rise from our daily slumber.  For being the strong and energetic creatures that we are, we definitely put in more sleeping hours than your typical human.  Most nights upwards of 12 if you think about it.

Regardless, I awoke before she did, and took the Primus sanguis figurine out of the drawer in readiness.  Here goes nothing, I thought to myself awhile later when her eyelids started to flutter, signifying she would awaken soon.

This thing is either going to work, or I’m probably going to be pulling it out of my ass in the next few minutes.  As kinky as I was, I still was banking on the former.  As her eyes opened, and she sleepily smiled at me.  I pulled the figurine out from behind my back and hung it over my neck.

“What’s this?” she asked looking at the figurine, rubbing the sleep out of her eyes.

Suddenly, her eyes opened wide and she was fully awake.

“Is that what I think it is? Where the hell did you get that?”

And then her eyes settled on the heart.  She silently mouthed the word “Wow,” and was totally transfixed from that point on.  Step #1 was a go.  Her eyes and mind were lost in the swirling blood of the Primus sanguis figurine.  Now it was time to test what I could truly do with its power.  The curious part of me was rejoicing that I might finally be getting the answer I’d been waiting so long for.  I have to admit, there was another part of me which felt like a kid in a candy store though.  I started my little interrogation.

“Okay, Crystal, can you hear me,” I began.

“Yes, I can hear you, Chad,” she replied to the stone more so than me, not taking her eyes off the swirling blood.

“I want you to tell me your full name.  Not the name I know you by, Chrystal Pierce, but the name you were given by your family when you were first born,” I asked.

“My name was Emilia Gallach,” she responded with a frown.  She either didn’t like the name, or the fact that she was revealing it.  From the way she said it, I was opting for the former choice.

“So, how long have you gone by Chrystal Pierce,” I asked her.

“On and off throughout my life,” she responded.  “It’s always been my favorite name, so I always come back to it whenever it’s safe.”

“And has everything you’ve told me about your life so far been actually true, Chrystal?  Your life with your father and brothers, your marriage to Marcus O’Reilly?” I asked.

She frowned in thought.

“No, I didn’t lie about anything.  There’s a lot of stuff I didn’t tell you about my life with my family and Marcus afterward, but only a couple things I didn’t tell you on purpose,” she stated matter-of-factly like

I sat up straighter and with more attention.  Now we were getting somewhere.  Some real dirt!

“And what were those things that you didn’t tell me on purpose, Chrystal?  What were they,” I asked expectantly.

Again, she frowned and seemed to struggle with herself.  This time, I could tell it was something she really didn’t want to divulge.  This was going to be a true test of the figurine’s power!

“Well,” she began.  “I didn’t tell you about what an awesome lover he was.  He may have been the first man I’d ever slept with in my life, but in 226 years I’ve never found a man so well endowed or so talented in bed.  And I’ve been with a lot of men in 226 years.  There was Marcus, then Roland, then Christopher, then….”

“That’s enough Chrystal, that’s enough!” I cut her off licking my wounded ego.  “What were the other things you didn’t tell me about your family life and life with Marcus?  Wait…does it have anything to do with your sexual life with Marcus?  I don’t need to hear about any more of that.”

“No, it didn’t have anything to do with my great sex with Marcus,” she said. Exhaling in relief, I told her to continue.

“It had to do with some of the teachings Marcus gave me as my Adept.  Some information about our powers and past and such,” she admitted.

Yes, now we were DEFINITELY getting somewhere, dammit!

“And what did he specifically teach you about, Chrystal?  What powers did he reveal to you?  What did he teach you about our past?”

She was truly fighting with it now.  Her facial features showed the inner struggle and her words came out slow and forced.

“He taught me about the Soul Charm and how we could use it to control humans and Neophytes.  It’s a supernatural power of great significance, and should be hidden from all Neophytes until they are to become Adepts themselves.  It is not a power for the weak or untrained, but it must be used sometimes against the weak to complete their training sufficiently.”

“If you can’t properly teach a Neophyte in a given amount of time, you must destroy him for the preservation of our secret and longevity.  The only reason Marcus taught me about it at such a young vampiric age was to brag about his own power over me.  He was a petty man.”

Alright, now I was getting the answers I had come looking for.  Not only that, but a little bit of my manhood restored at hearing about Marcus’ faults.  Having a big dick wasn’t everything, especially when you had a personality to match.  Yes!

“So, Chrystal…” I asked, serving up the roundhouse punch, “Have you ever used this power on me?”

“Yes, I have,” she responded without so much as a pause or show of personal struggle.  “I’ve used it on you a couple times.”

I was partially stunned.  Only a couple?  I could think of several times when I felt like I was being supernaturally manipulated by her.  I needed clarification.

“What times did you use it on me, Chrystal,” I asked.  “I want to know about EVERY time.”

Again, there was no pause or struggle.  It was almost like she wanted to tell me.

“The first time was right after I turned you into a Mixed-Blood,” she confessed.  “When you freaking out about the whole situation and first felt hate for me.  It’s a very common thing in Neophytes at the time of their turning, and understandably so.  I used the Soul Charm to make you think I deserted you for a while.  It made you take those initial small steps to responsibility for yourself.”

“You made a safe nest for yourself for the evening, and you were going to take care of man under the sink if you had to.  I “came back” when he awoke to rescue you from that responsibility for the moment.  By saving you I showed my love for you, your reliance on me, and that calmed you down.  It’s how you managed to get through that first night and I back into your good graces.

I was totally dumbfounded.  I’m not sure if I was more upset, mystified, or impressed by her powers of deception.  Sure, the Soul Charm had it part in all of it, but the elegance and cruelness of the plan and execution was all hers.  I’m not sure if this made me more scared or turned on by the woman.  I shook myself out of my amazement, and got back to the matter at hand.

“Okay, so what were the other times you used the Soul Charm on me then,” I asked.

“There was only one other time I had to use it on you,” she confessed.  “It was two nights later when I had to convince you to desert your family and friends for good and move away to Pittsburgh.  You were deadest against it, and really hating me again for turning you.  Again, this is very common Neophyte behavior.  I simply reinforced the logic I used on you with a “push from the Soul Charm to make you see the truth you already knew, but couldn’t accept.  That, coupled with our blossoming love made you accept it and me again.”

I took all of this in and considered it.  All in all, it was rather legit.  Yes, she had manipulated me with her preternatural power, but she had done so with the intent of easing my way into the Mixed-Blood.  Yes, she was far from innocent in manipulating me in this way, and with her own female charms, but it didn’t show any malicious or diabolic reasons behind the whole shebang.  She did it to ease my way into vampirism and because she loved me.  I really couldn’t argue with that at this point, could I?  Something else nagged at me though, and I had to ask.

“What about the whole Anna Thomas situation,” Chrystal?  “Why did you pretty much set me up with her that night, then get so mad when I was going to sleep with her?  Even for a woman, that didn’t make any sense.  Why’d you set us up?   And didn’t you use the Soul Charm there too?”

Now tears were coming out of her eyes, as she responded.  I was going to have to end this soon, or my own conscious would never recover.

“No, I didn’t use the soul charm, just my feminine ones.  I did it for three reasons; Partly as a way of thanking you for coming to an event I knew you really didn’t want to go to.  But I have to admit, I mostly did it to see two other things; One, to see if I could make you do something like that without the Soul Charm, and secondly, to see if you’d back out because you loved me too much.  It was a stupid thing to do on all counts.”

I’m not sure how I felt at that moment.  She’d definitely taken female manipulation to a new level with this one.  I could probably have delved into the fucked up layers of this one for the rest of my preternatural life, it was so screwed up.  The truth, in the end though, is we’d both proven our love and dedication to each other.  She had come at the nick of time before I slept with Anna.

Granted, we’d both ended up sleeping with her that night, but there’s a difference there.  Adding a sexual partner to a happy couple is much different than leaving someone out.  Secondly, when I realized how much it hurt her that I had wanted to sleep with Anna, I had made the ultimate sacrifice and killed her as my first innocent.  A milestone in any Mix-Blood’s life, if they have any conscience at all.  All things considering, we’d pretty much ended up evenly after all was said and done.

The fact that their had been no use of the Soul Charm there amazed me.  As tense of a situation as it had been, I’d done it all of my own volition?  In retrospect, I’m not sure that was actually a relief to me in this situation.  I had killed my first innocent with no supernatural intervention to my morality.  Was I becoming that inhuman?  A question for another time, I suppose.                   “So what other powers do the Mixed-Blood have that you haven’t told me about, Chrystal,” I asked.

Yes, I was still planning on learning those secrets myself by continuing to decipher the Praeter Naturam.  I wanted to know which ones she might be aware of though.  What else she might she be holding from me?  Just because she had divulged the secrets of her mortal life and times with Marcus O’Reilly didn’t mean she hadn’t learned other secrets in her 226 years of life.

“Just of the power of telepathy between vampires,” she claimed.  “The power you used to find me in the mausoleum was actually a stronger variation of that.  Typical vampire telepathy just allows for actual communication over long distances between vampires.”

“And where and when did you learn about this power,” I asked her.  “It was obviously after you escaped Marcus the first time, right?”

“Yes,” she replied.  “It was about 20 years after I escaped from Marcus.  I was still living in Italy at the time, but also making my way back and forth throughout on a mission.  I was searching for more information about the Mixed-Blood.  In my travels, I found very little.  I found information about a book called The Tome of The Praeter Naturam and a few scant loose translations that were supposedly copied from it’s pages.  One of them touched on the telepathic powers of the Mixed-Blood, as well as those which we’re already aware.”

“Supposedly the tome has a symbol on its cover which looks like that talisman you’re wearing around your neck.  That’s pretty much all I’ve learned in all this time, besides the fact that the tome and the talisman are two of the three keys needed to locate something called the Primus sanguis, or First Blood.  I assumed by the name that it meant the first Mixed-Blood, but I haven’t found any more evidence to confirm or disprove that theory.”

The power of the talisman around my neck was astounding!  I was expecting, at best, to get monosyllabic responses from Chrystal, and it taking forever to get any true information.  Instead, Chrystal was just swamping me with it.  It truly subverted the will of a vampire and made them totally pliable and willing to divulge all to their “master.”  One had to wonder what else I could make her do?  I put those dirty thoughts aside for now.

Secondly, the story about the First Blood really had me intrigued.  Perhaps there were more clues to finding this First Blood in the Praeter Naturam?  Being in possession of both it and the Primus sanguis figurine should definitely help us in finding the third key, shouldn’t it? Could we possibly be able to find the first of our kind?  I know I’d just begun unraveling the secrets of the Praeter Naturam itself, but just think what wonders the source of all vampires could teach us?  With or without Chrystal’s assistance, I was taking up this quest!

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