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The Vampire Chad (Part 18)

She leaned her naked body forward on the bed and planted a kiss upon my forehead.

“You see, my love,” she said.  “You were not the only one who really wasn’t given a choice.  The only difference is, I was the one to make the decision for both of us.  When it comes down to choosing between life and death, you must always choose life.  Even if it means the death of you.  That is the first lesson we learn in our journey through the darkfold.  Existence is worth anything.”

“In that year of vampire tutelage, this was the first of many lessons which Marcus taught me.  I learned his lessons well, so I would be able to live and prosper on my own.  I bided my time waiting for the proper time and situation to release me from his grasp.  Though I remained his wife in name and nightly practice, my heart closed to him that night he turned me.  Not for being the killing beast that he was or for forcing my hand to be the same.  Like most of our kind, I was reticent and squeamish about the killing at first, but the power and life it offered soon made that little inconvenience worth it all.  In time we all accept the killing as a necessary evil.”

“No, the reason I hated him and sought to escape was the fact that he had not been honest with me during our courtship.  He had ample time and opportunity to reveal his secret to me before his proposal.  This is when such a truth should have been revealed to me.  Hiding his true self from me made both the proposal and our wedding a sham.  At least it did for me.”

“A relationship is built on common respect, trust, and honesty.  He showed me none of these by keeping the truth from me.  And if he couldn’t show these traits to me, how was I to respond?  My answer?  In kind.  This, coupled with the fact that I still felt more like a possession to him than a wife convinced me that our days together were numbered.”

“For almost a year, I learned the lessons of the vampire from him.  Being one of his kind now, I finally did have the opportunity to spend more time with him.  We would sleep together by day, behind a secret hidden panel of his study’s east wall.  He would conduct whatever business he had in the early hours of the evening, and then the rest of the night would be ours to hunt and spend time together.  It was the most time and attention he’d given me since he had first courted me.  You might think, with all this attention, I might have changed my mind about him.  I did not, but I still played the game.”

“Regardless of the time and attention he lavished on me now, he was still a pompous dictator who treated me like he owned me rather than loved me.  Granted, this in itself was not uncommon for the time.  Just like in the states, most of the world still treated women as second-grade citizens.  Like children, they were to be spoken to, not heard, and serve their husbands in all things.  I know, my love, you have a hard time picturing me living in such a world, but that was the way of things back then.”

“And trust me, I did have my run-ins when it came to this archaic practice.  Maybe it was the education I had been uncommonly been receiving in both my childhood and adult life?  Maybe it was just my inbred stubbornness.  I was not the perfect little, quiet and well-mannered lady the world would have me be.  And now that I was a creature of the night with powers to dwarf mortal men, nobody was going to rule over me ever again.  Especially not a man who had lied to me throughout our courtship, threatened to kill me when I discovered his secret, did not truly love me, and treated me like his pride mare ”

“Aptly, it was on my 29th birthday, two years after his proposal and just over a year since we were married, that I decided it was time to escape.  He was away on a trip to his ancestral home of Glasgow, Scotland.  He was paying his last respects to the final son of his family’s line.  Paying his respects and getting the remaining family affairs in order and such, as he put it when he told me where and when he was going.  His family line went back centuries, but with the death of this last son, was coming to an end.”

“How strange it must be to deal with such matters, more than a century after your own faked death.  I’m sure there’s a very engaging and interesting story there, and my former husband did share bits and pieces of it with me in the two years we’d been together.  None of it is any consequence to this tale though.  The simple fact is, he was away, which left me with the opportunity of escape.  I had been biding my time, waiting for this day.  He was to be gone for two weeks, which would give me an ample head start.”

“As vampires and members of the upper middle class, money was of little concern to us.  As he gave me free reign when it came to the spending for our household and myself, I had full access to our finances.  A rarity for even noble women of the time, but he liked to spoil me in the easiest manner possible.  It was a relief from him having to buy me anything and everything I could possibly want if he just gave me access to the money to do it for myself.  He was loving, but lazy, as he would even admit himself.  His lax attitude would be the instrument of my escape.”

“He would expect me to go running back to my family in the states, and in my heart, that’s what I truly wanted to do; To return to my life there as if the last two years had never occurred.  I was happy and content there, and I really missed my father and brothers.  As it was the first place he would come looking for me though, it was the last place I could go.  I made my way to Italy instead.  With the focus of his business being between England and the states, there was little to no chance of him finding me there.  And with almost a two-week head start with him being in Scotland, I would be long gone before he even knew I was missing.”

I was amazed by her story.  As I’ve said on numerous occasions Chrystal had always been very tight-lipped and elusive about her past.  She had revealed more to me tonight in a few hours than she had in the months we’d been together.  I wanted more, but she pretty much switched to what I like to call her Cliff Notes from that point on; Just the basics with little substance.

She had experienced run-ins and near misses with him a few times throughout the rest of that century, and into the beginning of the 19th one.  She’d always managed to escape him shortly or totally elude him though.  She had gone almost a hundred years without seeing him now and had finally thought she was rid of him for good.  She was wrong.  In the states at the time, he had seen an AP news clip on the Thomas murders at the Pittsburgh’s Cinderella Ball.  It screamed of vampire involvement to him, so he came to the Steel City to perform his own investigation.

It’s much easier to find a killer when you already suspect who she is, and it didn’t take him long going through the local news coverage to figure it out.  Our names and pictures were originally associated with being the #1 suspects in the case if you recall.  Chrystal may have changed her name several times in his long search for her, but there’s only so much you can do with changing your appearance when you’re a vampire.  Plastic surgery is a waste of time and money, as it won’t “take” with our regenerating bodies.  And a good hat only covers so much.

Long story short, he tracked her down, managed to bleed her dry, then brought her back to his ancestral home in Scotland.  There, he stored her in the casket in his family’s mausoleum.

From time to time, he would feed her just enough to bring her to consciousness.  He would attempt to convince her to see the error of her ways and vow to be his again forever.  When she said no, he’d drain her again, leaving her in limbo for days at a time.  This went on for the entire time I was searching for her, right up until a few days before I rescued her.  It was pure hell.

Before I could pry her for any more details about him, or her other experiences in the last 200+ years of her life, she moved forward, giving me a sly look.  I knew that look, and I knew it well.  Talkie time was over.  It was time for the heroine to graciously reward her hero for his bravery in rescuing her from the evil prince.  What can I say?  You can take the human out of the nerd, but you can’t take the nerd out of the vampire.  It was a night of mighty conquests, with the hero feeling quite rewarded by dawn’s break.

The next few nights, after exploring the fine dining that the underbelly on New York City had to offer, we set about the tedium of finding yet another home, furnishing it, and buying all the necessities of modern living.  Moving to a new city always holds a great amount of excitement of course.  Having to go through the process of replacing everything you own though can be a real pain in the ass.  Luckily, I had years of expert training in shopping from the multitude of mall crawls my friend Kim and I use to make when I was mortal.  I really missed that lady.  Back to the matter at hand though.

There were some important items and documents from our Pittsburgh apartment that were irreplaceable.  We had these recovered and sent to us through underground channels.  Having all of our belongings, furnishings, and such packed up and sent to us would have attracted way too much attention.  We couldn’t leave a potential trail for Marcus O’Reilly to follow, or we’d just end up doing all of this again way too soon.  Besides, they were mere, unimportant possessions.  They were nothing that couldn’t be easily replaced with a little shopping.

Chrystal wasn’t nearly as excited about shopping as Kim used to be, but we still had fun arguing over the proper furniture and décor, not to mention clothing.  My suggestions that we clothe her in the slinkiest and most revealing of dresses she didn’t really have a problem with.  She was proud of and loved to show up her sexy frame.  My insistence that a bunch of sweatpants and t-shirts for myself would suffice did not go over so well with her.  Regardless, we enjoyed ourselves for the first time in months.

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