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The Vampire Chad (Part 14)

Having said his peace, Tas was good to his word.  Removing the Soul Seer Amulet from my neck, with the jibe that he didn’t want me running off with one of them again, he put it, and the one that had been around his neck, back in the cabinet.  He then walked over to an antique bookcase, removed a small book from between two mammoth tomes, wiped the dust off of it, and returned to the table.

“You needn’t worry too much about your grand secret, vampire,” he stated.  “Legends of your kind are just one of several supernatural mythos that is based more in fact than fiction.  No, I’ve never personally encountered your kind until right now, but my elder kin has.  I am Romanian, you know?”

He chuckled at his own fanciful observation.

“Leave it to a drunken Irishman like Bram Stroker to muddle up your kind’s history with that of Prince Vlad Tepes of Romania, or Vlad the Impaler as you’ve probably heard of him.  Total rubbish.  According to the elder kin, your kind has been around centuries before the 1400’s.  I’m sure you’re not here for a history lesson though,” he said as he carefully started to page through the book

“Here,” he exclaimed, finally finding the passage he was looking for.  “I knew I’d seen this part at one time or other.  It says that vampires possess the preternatural sense to recognize other vampires when they are in their vicinity.  I know that doesn’t sound like much help, as you’ve been all over the city and haven’t found her, but there’s more here.  It goes on to say that the Adept and the Neophyte have a much stronger bond and can sense and track each other from even greater distances.”

Tas flipped back and forth through the small book scowling, then closed it in frustration.  I tried to lean forward to get a look at the book myself, but he snapped it closed and pulled it towards himself.

“Unfortunately, my young friend,” he said, obviously ignoring my intent, “It says absolutely nothing about how you go about doing that.  I would assume it would be through some sort of meditation, but can’t say for sure.  Even though the Elder Kin knew of your kind and your powers, knowledge of a power and actually knowing how to harness that power are two very different things.  I’m willing to assist and train you in several meditation techniques.  Like I’ve said, I would assume meditation is key to utilizing such a power.”

I agreed, and for the next several days, he instructed me in the arts of meditation; Transcendental, Heart Rhythm, and Guided Visualization to name only a few. He chastised my hurriedness, stating that impatience in itself would work against me reaching my goal.  To achieve a true meditative state, one needed peace and restfulness in one’s soul.  And I did have to admit, there was nothing peaceful or relaxed about my desire to locate Chrystal.  Impatience and anxiety were more the norms for me in the current situation.

Needless to say, I was getting nowhere.  I was becoming frustrated, Tas was becoming frustrated, and we were both getting ready to just give up on the whole venture.  Another week of Chrystal missing, and we’d gotten nowhere.  During this week, I’d asked him repeatedly if I could check out his little book myself, to see if I could find any insights therein, but he refused.

“There is information about your vampire kin and powers which I am reticent to reveal to you, Mr. Monari,” he replied.  “If your Adept has not taught you all which is scrawled within these pages, who am I to do so?  Perhaps she had good reason?  I do not know.  I feel it is better than you learn it from her or other vampires in due time; Not from a tome which can only explain so much.  I’m sorry, but on this, I must stand firm.”

I attempted to argue the point further with him, but he would hear none of it.  I finally gave up, resolving to steal the book later if I had to.  If the book held a possible key to finding Chrystal, beyond what he had ascertained or let on, I had to know.  I have to admit, the potential information the tome held about vampires and our powers also intrigued me.  What right did he, a mortal, have in denying me that knowledge?  None!

All of this notwithstanding, at the end of that week, I went home like I had every other night of that week, very frustrated.  I needed some form of release.  I told Tas that I wouldn’t be visiting him the next night.  I told him we both needed a break, but I had other plans.  The next evening, I awoke and began to put things into action.

I started the night by finding myself a rather attractive lady of the night.  And no, I’m not talking about a lady vampire, though she was quite used to sucking men dry every night.  I know, very tasteless and bad joke.  Sorry.  Regardless, this is what I needed; An attractive woman, as close to Chrystal’s appearance as I could find on short notice, who was willing to spend the remainder of the night with me.  Not a cheap venture, mind you, but it’s not like she was actually going to be able to leave with the money at the end of the night.  Not with what I had planned for her.

In yet another act which Chrystal would have had a fit over, I took her back to our place.  Remember Chrystal’s lesson about never eating where you sit?  Yep, right out the window for that night.  I escorted her into our home, locked the door behind us, and laid out the rules for the night to her in exquisite detail.  Trust me, given her profession and experience, it probably paled in comparison to some nights she’d had.

Her “role” for the night was to actually be Crystal.  I found one of Chrystal’s sexier dresses which I adored on her, instructed her on how her hair, makeup, perfume and all other details should be, and set her loose in our spacious master bedroom bathroom to perfect herself.  While she went about this, I took up a cross-legged meditative stance at the foot of the bed and concentrated on calming thoughts, Chrystal’s image and voice, and the better memories of our relationship.  I was quite at peace and spiritual love by the time she exited the bathroom.  The illusion wasn’t perfect, but it would suffice.

Chrystal entered the bedroom.  I gracefully rose from meditative stance went to her.  Grabbing the sides of her head, slipping my thumbs in front of her ears, the rest of my fingers circling behind her neck, I pulled her lips to me in Our Kiss. She moaned softly as my tongue slid barely and lightly across the inside of her lips; A suggestive preview of what was to come.  With a deft quick movement, her dress was lying on the floor before she was even aware of it.

I lifted her into my arms like a child, laying her gently on the bed like an angel.  An angel would suddenly straddled her roughly, pinning her there before she had the slightest chance to put up any kind of resistance.  I held her there, teasing her entire upper body with my light kisses here, and slight nibbles there.  I swear that she was going to go over the edge before I even moved further down her naked body.  She began to plead with me, asking for just that.  I wouldn’t give it to her.  Just not quite yet.  She couldn’t even reach down to pleasure herself, as my arms still had her pinned.  It was sheer sexual torture for her.

Releasing her hands, I began traveling mine lightly all over her upper body, in the same path my lips and teeth just had.  She was not having this.  She made a reach for my pants, but she was no match for my supernatural strength and reflexes.  Before she knew it, she was on her back again, and my tongue and fingers were embedded in her groin.  From then on, she offered no resistance.  That is unless you considering her moans a form of active resistance. I did not.  I considered them the sign that Chrystal had totally surrendered to me.  It was time.

Concentrating the efforts of my tongue and two particular fingers in three separate locations, a technique Chrystal had taught me shortly after we got together, I brought her almost instantly to an earth-shattering orgasm.  No slow lead up to it and no warning, just BOOM here I am.  It went over well.  Well enough that, in the midst of her screams of pleasure, I was able to find and pierce her femoral artery.  Her screams eventually ebbed to weak moans as I slowly milked her dry.  Her life’s blood moved into me and with it her love for me.  I transcended into the deepest level of soulful meditation I had ever achieved.

It was pitch black dark, and I was confined in a very small and tight place.  Even in this lightless environment, my vampire eyes were able to make out the telltale cramped and luxurious surroundings.  I was in a casket.  I never quite understood why we buried our dead in such lavish and expensive style.  It’s not like they could appreciate it from either a comfort or pompous point of view. 

       But then, maybe this wasn’t the best of times to be musing over such things.  I was, after all, lying in a casket at the moment, and I was at least 99% sure that I wasn’t dead.  Boy, was someone going to be losing their job over this little mistake, I chuckled to myself.  See, even now I could knock them dead.  I outright laughed at that one.  Regaining what dignity I had left, I decided that it was probably high time I did something productive here.I pushed upwards on the lid.  Nope, that didn’t accomplish anything.  Guess I am dead, I joked with myself, not quite as lively, pardon the pun.  I pushed harder, it still wouldn’t budge.

       Letting out an exasperated female huff, I suddenly realized that something else was amiss. Me!  Get it?  Ya know?  I was “A Miss,” a woman.  Do I have to explain all my jokes here?  Regrettably so.  Such is the fate of a young vampire male when he suddenly discovers he’s not only trapped in a locked casket but has apparently undergone a rather impressive sex change as well.  My body looked just like Chrystal’s! 

        Wait a minute!  Chrystal’s body?  I was in Chrystal’s body?  What the hell?  I looked down at my female form to make sure.  Yep, no doubt about it.  This was definitely the woman I loved.  I just wish that I could look at that beautiful face as well.  I guess her boobies would have to suffice for now.  How the hell do women get anything done all day with these delicious things just bouncing around in front of them all day?  I’d be walking into traffic and off freaking mountaintops, not being able to take my eyes and hands off them.

        An hour later, putting the girls away so they’d let me get some work done, I pondered my plight.  Okay, so I’m locked inside a casket in my lady’s body.  I guess the two biggest questions are, why is Chrystal locked up like this, and if my consciousness was here in her body, where was her’s at the moment?  Back home in my body, perhaps? 

       If so, I was gonna have a LOT of explaining to do when we got back together.  Waking up in your neophyte’s body, with his fangs embedded in the crotch of a lifeless woman in your bed tends to raise a few not-to-quiet-and-polite questions.  Is that my perfume she’s wearing?  Oh yeah, lots of vengeful and brutal crotch-punching questions.  Maybe I better just stay right where I’m at, locked up safe and unbrutalized in this nice comfy casket.

       But then it hit me.  Maybe she wasn’t back home in my body.  Maybe she was still here?  She could be conscious in this same body with me and unable to communicate or control her body while I was in it.  Who knows?  It’s not like I had a yellow and black covered “Possession for Dummies” instructional manual to follow here.  Or maybe, wherever we’re at right now, it’s daytime and she’s only asleep? But then, why wasn’t I asleep as well?  Again, a lot of possibilities, but no answers.  This was getting me nowhere!

       I started truly hitting the lid of the casket with my fists and feet, putting all my strength behind it.  Finally, I heard something starting to splinter.  I redoubled my efforts until the lid came flying open with a bang.  As I hurriedly sat up in the casket, I blinked a few times in confusion over my surroundings.  Just where in the hell was I?

        Again, my surroundings were in a pitch-black area.  Well, at least my Adept’s captors were keeping her safe from the sun.  At this point, that pretty much had to be the scenario, didn’t it?  It’s pretty hard to lock yourself away in a casket, secured from the outside.  Granted, it wouldn’t make much sense for them to fashion the lock release inside the casket, but I forced that funny little observation away for the moment.

        The facts stood.  Unless Chrystal had arranged for someone to lock her away, somebody had forced the matter.  As Option #1 didn’t make much sense, I was very enthusiastic about finding the architect of Option #2 and having a very painful discussion with him/her about the matter.  They definitely had some explaining to do.

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