}); Strange Things People Do – Blinds-Eye View

Strange Things People Do

Have you ever sat down and really considered just how unique the human race is from other animals?  If you’re normal, like most people, probably not.  These are the type of things that come to me when I lay down to sleep at night.  Hey, I’ve never claimed to be normal.  I don’t anyone else would use that word to describe me either.

I’m not talking about our physical differences here.  We actually have a lot in common with a fair amount of the wild kingdom out there on the anatomical level.  But I’m not talking intelligence here either.  The differences there is a no-brainer. (Pun intended)  No, what I’m talking about here is more psychological.  We may be, arguably, the most intelligent race on this planet, but that doesn’t mean everything we do makes good common sense.  The following are just the tip of the iceberg of weird behaviors we possess or partake in.

Collecting Stuff

I’m not talking about wealth, items of survival or “toys” with this example.  Those all make sense, in that we need them to prosper.  Yes, even the toys for entertainment and recreational purposes.  No, what I’m talking is actually collecting here, like stamps, baseball cards, or coins.  Yes, if you’re saving them to increase their value with time, that falls under the items of survival genre, but most true collectors aren’t in it to increase wealth.  They just want them all or the best ones.  Collecting such items is more of a sign of a clutterbug than anything else.

Personal Appearance

I suppose, on its base level, that this one falls under biology.  The best looking of the species has the best chance at finding a mate and procreating.  Humans take it to such a vain level though.  Vanity, in itself, makes little sense.  Women spend hours primping themselves for men who will wear the same clothes until they’re ready to walk away on their own.  People will spend thousands of dollar having surgeries to make themselves more “beautiful.”  But why?  Shouldn’t we, as an evolved species, be more worried about personality compatibility?  Yes, sure, this is coming from a short, fat, blind guy who hasn’t had more than a date or two in the last decade or so.  Do you see my point here though?  Why are we so concerned with how we look?  It has nothing to do with you we truly are.  Does it?


On the same note, and I’ve dabbled around with this topic before, what is our true deal with modesty?  In particular, with our naked bodies?  What is so wonderful, or horrible, about our physical appearance that we have to hide under layers of clothing?  Some of them not the least bit comfortable.  Yes, there’s the purpose of protecting ourselves from the elements, but most people live in environments where, at least 50% of the time, the temperature is adequate to keep us warm and dry.  So why do we cover ourselves?

Yes, there’s the biblical reason, but why have we stuck to that particular “rule” so strictly?  There have been numerous “sins” that have been pretty much dismissed over the centuries from religious teachings.  Why has modesty persisted?  With only a few slight physical differences, we all have the same equipment.  It may all be different sizes and slightly different shapes, but it’s all the same, right?  Just think of the time and money that would be saved without clothing?  Just a modest proposal, folks.


Again, this particular act may have its roots in simple biology, but what do we find so enticing about pressing our lips up against someone else’s?  Sure, the mouth has more nerves than a significant portion of the human body, but what truly possesses us to do it?  Was it a prehistoric mutual attempt at consuming an enemy that turned into a tasting contest, or what?

Oral Sex

And speaking of tasting, who came up with this idea?  Don’t get me wrong, I love oral sex just as much as the next person.  Probably more so than some.  But who the hell decided this was a good idea originally?  Oh, look, a fountain!  I think I’ll get a drink!  You’d think that the disappointment there alone would have killed the idea from that second on.  Yet the practice survived beta testing.

Choosing To Have Children

Once more, biology is to blame for this one, but don’t we pride ourselves being higher evolved than the rest of the animal and plant kingdom.  Sure, it’s going to happen by accident here and there, and you live with the consequences of your actions. (Not getting into the abortion argument here.)  But why do we ACTIVELY try to have children?

The 9 months of physical hell for the women, followed by the most excruciating pain you’ll experience in your female lives.  This, followed by a few years of total dependency and no sleep or sanity left for the parents.  After that, it’s a matter of providing for the extra mouth, or mouths as they mature to an age where they totally resent you.  Finally, at age 18, you are no longer responsible for them, and you are free, right?  WRONG.  If you’re a “good” parent, you’re responsible for their health, happiness, and prosperity for the rest of your natural life.  Why the hell do we do this?  Don’t get me wrong…I love my children more than I love myself.  I would do anything to ensure their success in life.  That doesn’t mean that it makes sense to me though…lol.

Eat Meat

I know…we eat it because it tastes good, and vegetarians are wrong.  End of story, right?  No.  My question is, what made us think of doing this in the first place?  Who first came upon the stinking carcass of a dead animal and said, “Hmm…that rotting piece of bloodiness looks yummy?”  I’m just imagining the first humans taste testing the animal kingdom to decide what is palatable and what is not.  “Hmmm…lamb chops are a delicacy.  Toad eyes?  Not so much.”  And how did we discover that cooking meat made it tastes better than raw?  Did ancient man drop his wooly mammoth leg into the fire accidentally, pull it out, take a bite, and suddenly become a world-renown chef?  How did that happen?

Eat Eggs

You should know where I’m going with this one.  Who watched this fall out of a chicken’s ass and decide, “Damn, that’s gonna be the most popular breakfast choice for the next millennia or two?”  Again, I love my eggs, but you just have to wonder how it became a thing?

Drink Milk

This one at least makes some sense.  More so than eating the unfertilized embryos of chubby birds.  Humans begin their lives feeding on their mother’s milk, so we learned that milk is good for us.  It’s why we decided to try a cow’s that concerns me?  Just how did this come about?  Even more worrisome, if they got the idea from a human baby sucking its mother’s breast, is this how we got our milk from cows originally?  We’re talking classic painting material here folks…LMAO.

Have Pets

Last, but far from the least, is our insane habit of taking in house pets.  Aren’t a mate and children enough?  Now we have to invite the world’s creatures into our homes?  Again, don’t get me wrong, I’ve had many a dog and cat throughout my life, most of which I loved dearly.  But that doesn’t mean I understand why we have affection for these creatures?  Did our ancestors decide they didn’t taste very good, so we decided they were family?  If that were the case, why aren’t there more frog owners out there walking their little Kermies around?

So, what other oddities can you think of that we humans do that make little sense?  Leave your answers in the comment section below.