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Top 10 Terrible Things That Scare Me

I probably should have used this one back in Halloween season, but I never got around to it.  We all have things that scare us, whether it’s something tangible like spiders, or circumstantial such as accidentally showing up at work or school naked.  It’s our minds way of protecting us from the dangers of the world us.  Being that most spiders are harmless and that we’d most likely not make it off our front porch without realizing we forgot to get dressed, most of these fears are unfounded.  Still, they’re ours to claim, tangible or otherwise.  The following is a list of mine, in no particular order.

#10  Deep Water

To clarify this one, I will swim in the deepest swimming pool constructed and feel totally safe.  Ask me to dive into said pool, or go out in the ocean more than waist deep, and you’ll get a resounding “No!”  I don’t like feeling out of control in deep water.  Diving in, you give up complete control, and going out deep in the ocean you’re doing the same with the waves carrying you around.  No thanks!

#9    Anything Near My Eyes

With the exception of glass lenses, I can’t stand anything near my eyes.  It freaks me out.  I’m even uncomfortable with my own fingers in front of my eyes. I close them super tight when wiping anything around that area.

#8    Being Alone

Some clarification on this one as well.  I love my solitude sometimes, being totally alone and being able to do anything and everything you want without judgment.  What I fear is extended times of forced solitude.  Examples include not seeing or speaking to anybody for a day or more, not socializing with friends or family for an extended time, never falling in love again, and living completely on my own.  These are my worst fears.

#7    Failure

Everybody has this one, to an extent.  When mine is at its worst though, I don’t strive to do achieve anything.  I’d rather not try at all than to fail.  A perfect example is how I waited until recently to truly pursue my dream of being an author and writer.  Until lately, I lacked the self-confidence to try to succeed.  I hated almost everything I wrote.

#6    Snakes

This isn’t such an eye-opening or deep one.  Snakes suck!  Little slithery bastards just need to die

#5    Going Blind

Another personal one of mine, being that it’s entirely likely to come true someday, or at least true enough that I can no longer take care of myself like I can do now.  I’ve always been one to take pride in my own self-reliance and independence.  Going blind threatens that.  It doesn’t matter that I have a contingency plan with my best friend in this world, it is still a deep fear of mine.

#4    Telephones

Speaking of my best friend, she would agree 100% with this one.  She’s chastised me about it my entire adult life.  It’s not so much of a fear I guess, as it is a severe dislike.  I loathe talking on the phone.  Don’t get me wrong.  You can call me and talk for hours, and I’ll respond to every comment you make.  Don’t ask me to pick up that phone and call you or lead the discussion though.  Not gonna happen.

#3    Being Left Out

This one’s kind of an extension of being alone, and I suppose it’s common among others as well.  I don’t like being left out.  Whether it’s a conversation going on in my presence, or plans friends or family have made without me.  I don’t like being left out of the fold.  It makes me feel unimportant, deserted, and alone.  I may be a bit more touchy on this than the average person for the fact that I’ve spent the majority of my adult not in a relationship while most of my friends and family have spent most of their lives enjoying them.  Nobody likes being the odd man out.

#2    Water In My Face

This may be more of a hate than a fear, but since childhood, I’ve always hated water running over or splashed on my face.  Granted, this may be because my eyes are super sensitive to even tap water, but I hate it if any part of my face gets wet.  Even in the tub or shower I absolutely cringe while washing or rinsing off my face.  Yet another reason I won’t dive into the pool, and seldom will put my head underwater in a pool.  And water slides?  Don’t even get me started on water slides…lol  BLECK!

#1    Dodgeball

There are probably a few people out there who shared the nightmare of this one with me.  Being legally blind, I REALLY hated it.  If you need to ask why just blindfold yourself and tell a bunch of teenage guys they can nail ya with several basketballs.  Yes, that’s what we used when I went to school.  Not those wimpy, spongey nerf balls they use now.  It wasn’t fun.  Even more embarrassing when the gym coach made you wear a catcher’s mask out there to make it safer for ya…lol.

I don’t mean to make it sound like I’m whining about any of these fears.  I’m really not.  I’m just acknowledging them for what they are, some justifiable, others that make little to no sense.  So, what are some of your greatest fears?  Share in the comments section below.