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Pass This On!

I’ve been seeing this little gem popping up all over Facebook today.  

A nice friendly way to let your Facebook friends and family know

you’re tired of receiving these annoying messages.


Even though I’ve never passed along one of these worthless pieces of crap myself, I couldn’t resist posting my own Marty-style response to posts like the one above to several friends today.  One of them, an amazing fan and supporter of this blog by the name of Tracey Hibbard, suggested I should share it with all my fans here.  So here it is.  

But if I send this to 1,000 friends, I’ll win $10 million dollars, I’ll have good luck for a year, the woman of my dreams will pop out of my closet in the middle of the night, and magical unicorns will come and lick my ass crack. This could be YOUR future too if you share this post. 

DISCLAIMER: If someone pops out of your closet in the middle of the night, they’re probably not there to love you.  Get your ass out of there ASAP, or pop a cap in theirs.  Furthermore, if you look forward to having your ass crack licked by unicorns, you’re one crazy, sick fuck!  Get help, ya bastard!