}); If I Won The Lottery – Blinds-Eye View

If I Won The Lottery

We’ve all been there.  We’ve watched all those numbers be drawn at 7:00 pm at night and fantasized about what our lives would be like if we won?  Or, even better, what would it be like to win the freaking Powerball?  To be downright, sloppy rich!  Some people imagine living in a fancy mansion.  Some want to travel the world.  Still, others dream of fast cars or a social life that would make Hollywood stars be green with envy.  Here’s what I would want.  Some of my choices may not be as fancy and expensive as some of these, but they hold their own.  Don’t mind the few conflicts you’ll see too.  Hey, I’m rich, I can be indecisive, right?

Take Care of My Kids

Before anything else, I’d make sure to put enough away to ensure my kids were comfortably set for life.  They have been, and always will be, my chief concern.  End of story.

Move Out Of The Great White North

Second on my list, as soon as my children are grown and gone their own way, I am moving out of this freaking winter wonderland of western PA.!  Yes, I know, there’s only actually snow and frigid temperatures here for about 4-5 months, but that’s 4-5 months too long in my book.  Snow for Christmas, and then it can all get bent has always been my motto.  Virginia Beach, baby!  But then, I’m planning on moving down there whether I’m rich or not…lol.

Travel The Country

Though my home will be in Virginia Beach, I’ve always loved to travel.  I may be a bit biased, being a terminal passenger, but I absolutely LOVE road trips.  Doesn’t matter where we’re going, just so we’re putting in the miles.  Feel like seeing the Grand Canyon?  Sure, 3-day trip!  New York City?  There in less than a day?  A week-long cruise in the Bahamas?  Let’s do it!  Tour Europe?  Meeeeeh…just the English speaking countries, please.  Let’s go!

Buy Beach Property

If I’m rich, this will be a must.  Looking out the front windows of my house and seeing and smelling the ocean.  Who cares if it all gets wiped out in a hurricane now and then?  I’ll be able to rebuild and redecorate, right?  I’ll be rich…lol.

Indoor Pool

It may sound a little redundant with the beach being right there in front of my house, but an indoor pool will be a must.  Regardless of my weird water phobias, I still love going swimming in a nice pool.  Being able to do it year round would be my version of heaven.  I told ya, so lofty goals, but nothing to exuberant.

Hire a Maid

Of course, with this simple house on the beach, I will need a maid to keep the place tidy.  I’m not being pretentious here, just lazy.  Housework may be a necessary evil, but that doesn’t mean I have to enjoy it.  He/she wouldn’t even have to do a spotless job.  I am a cave dweller, ya know…lol.

Hire a Chauffer

Those of you who know me definitely understand that this one isn’t a prestige thing.  Marty’s blind, therefore Marty needs transportation everywhere.  And not having to rely on public transportation would be total bliss.

Hire a permanent “Escort”

I’m not even going to try explaining or justifying this one.  Those of you who have known me the majority of my adult life will understand.  When you’re lonely, you’re lonely


Once I’ve established a budget that will sustain all of the above, and daily living expenses, the majority of the rest of my “millions” will go to charity.  It will go to organizations which actually help others, rather than ones that make a profit from doing the same.

And that’s what I’d do if I won the lottery.  Sure, some of my plans are greedy, some are not, and the rest are just things that I think I’d enjoy.  So, what would you do with all that money?  Let me know in the comment section below.