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How To Live The Comfort-Over-Style Lifestyle

In today’s modern, hectic world, stress is the #1 cause of most of our health, mental, and emotional problems.  It’s next to impossible to avoid, especially in our professional lives.  Here are a few personal suggestions to help you drop those stress levels and lead a more laid-back lifestyle.


Wear them wherever and whenever you can!  There is no more comfortable item of clothing than a nice big sweatshirt and matching sweatpants.  They should be almost falling off your body, they’re so big.  Sure, they do nothing for your figure and are as visually appealing as wearing a black, double-ply trash bag.  That’s the point though.  Comfort over style, baby!  Alternatively, if it’s summertime, a nice big pair of blossomy cotton shorts and an over-sized t-shirt can be substituted.


And while you’re wearing those sweatpants, lose the underwear.  Yeah, you’ll only be able to wear the sweatpants for one day, hygienically, but the total freedom is worth it.  Everything down there is loose, airy and flapping free.  No wedgies, no twisted undies, no problems!

Let Them Ladies Free

Okay, ladies.  You’ve got the sweats happening, your whistling free down below.  It’s time to get rid of that boob-crushing, tit-squeezing implement of discomfort; The bra!  Yes, I realize that some of you actually prefer, or have to wear a bra.  You’re excluded.  Comfort is key here.  The majority of my female friends have told me there is nothing more liberating than to get out of that horrid contraption at the end of the day.  My suggestion?  Only wear it when it’s a necessity then.  The rest of the time, let those ladies free!  Worst case scenario, the guys are just going to have to look a little bit lower to ogle them, right?

Birthday Suit Day

The only thing that feels better than hanging out commando in a nice pair of sweats, is to go all-natural.  Making an entire day of it can be so freaking liberating!  Granted, if you live in the great white north like I do, where it’s really only pleasantly warm 3 months out of the year, this can be a little difficult.  Unless you like turning the furnace up to 75 or 80 and paying high heating bills of course.  There are still plenty of warm summer days, not to mention temperate Spring and fall ones, that you can get away with it though.

Even if it’s only for the morning and afternoon when the kids are away at school, anyone can find a way to pull this one off (pun intended)  No kids?  Even easier.  Significant other?  Have them join in.  I’ve probably dropped a few jaws here, not don’t knock it till ya try it, folks!  Just mind those blinds and curtains, unless you want to give the neighbors and passerbys a show.

Skip The Makeup

Another one, mostly for the ladies, but I’m not being prejudice here.  You be you, you guys who accessorize!  Knock em’ dead!  But just for a change for all of you, let’s skip the makeup for the day ladies and gents.  Or even be bolder, and go a week without “cake-facing.”  Just think of the extra time you’ll have in the morning, not to mention checking and rechecking yourself throughout the day.  I may be a bit naïve, being blind and all, but I don’t think anyone is going to run from you in horror if you’re out without your makeup.  I’ll personally compensate anyone who is run out of their hometown, stoned by the general public, or beheaded.

Slip-On Sneakers

Yes, they may look a little childish, but they do make string-free, Velcro sneakers for adults too.  My go through the bother of tying your shoes every day or at least having to tighten or loosen them on a regular basis when you can just slide into them and go.  They’re also comfortable as hell, as they’re not squeezing the life out of your feet all day.  All part of the comfort over style lifestyle, folks!

Don’t Shower Every Day

I know I’m going to gross out some of you even suggesting this.  There is NO medical proof that you need to bathe every day though.  That is, with the exception of days where you have excessively sweat.  Then feel free to hit the showers once, or even twice a day.  The rest of the time, a shower or bath every other day, or even every third day can be gotten away with.

No, this doesn’t mean you can get away without washing your hands, face and private areas on a daily basis.  It just means you don’t have to take a full-blown shower or bath every day.  Interestingly enough, the U.S. is one of the only countries where a daily bath/shower is common.  Medically, it’s actually more advantageous to your skin and hairs health to NOT bathe every day, as daily cleansing robs the body of essential oils.  Just food for thought, and another way to make your morning or bedtime routine less cramp.

Don’t Rush To Answer The Phone or Door

This is actually one that a lot of people have already adopted in the 21st century.  People have gotten much more picky about answering their phones and answering knocks on their front doors.  It certainly wasn’t that way in the 20th century.  People dove to answer that phone before the second or third ring.  And unexpected company at the front door was a welcome and exciting thing for everyone.  (As long as it wasn’t a door-to-door salesman or someone wanting to SAVE you, that is)  I’m not saying today’s hermit lifestyle is a 100% good thing, but it’s a lot less hectic than what we put ourselves through previously.  Nobody dove for a phone like a teenage girl in the 80’s.

Let the Fro Go

This one is for the ladies and the gents. (Mostly the ladies) Just for one week, let your hair alone!  Wash it, dry it if you must, and leave it go.  You won’t believe how much more time you’ll have in the morning and throughout the day if you ignore the doo.  So what if it’s sticking every which way or flopping this way or that?  In the grand scope of things, how is this adversely affecting you?  I’ve never heard of one case of Death By Under-Primping.

Your House Does Not Need To Be Spotless

This one I have lived by like gospel my entire life.  The world is not going to come to an end if I don’t make my bed.  The dust bunnies will not carry me or my loved ones away if I don’t dust or vacuum on a regular basis.  The world will not suddenly stop spinning and change directions if I don’t pick up that piece of paper dropped on the floor right away.  Some people would argue this point with me.  I’m living proof that you can survive!

So, how many of these Comfort Over Style Lifestyle techniques have you tried?  What different ones to you use?  Let me know in the Comment section below.

By the way, I’ve done all of them at one time or other.  Some of them constantly and religiously.