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What If I Were A Woman For One Day

A few of you are aware of a very strange and repeated occurrence I have had throughout my adult life.  For some reason, which totally eludes me and my closest family and friends, I have been mistaken for a woman on numerous occasions.  At work, shopping, or even walking down the street.  I don’t get

What If Christianity Is Wrong?

Disclaimer:  As a supporter of the U.S. Constitution, I respect everybody’s religious beliefs, as long as those beliefs don’t impose on the rights and liberties of other people.  Furthermore, I respect the rights of others in expressing their opinions.  That being said, the following is an expression of my religious beliefs as an atheist, and

What If I Could Fly?

Psychologists say that people who dream about flying are looking for a temporary release from life’s responsibilities.  The ground represents reality, and taking flight is, therefore, an escape from that reality.  I don’t know how much I buy into dream analysis, but I do dream of flying quite often during my nightly slumbers. Due to

What If This Was Your Last Year To Live?

Think about it.  For some reason or other, you have one year left to live.  365 days left to fulfill your bucket list.  12 months of final experiences.  One year to do everything you can possibly afford to do.  And no, you can’t ask more time.  You only have this one last year, and the

Whimsical What-If Series

Beginning this month, I’m excited to announce the addition of a new series to Blinds-Eye View called “Whimsical What-Ifs.” This section of the blog will showcase an entertaining game of “What If This Happened? / What If That Happened?” type scenarios. The subject matter could go from off-the-wall questions such as “What If Public Nudity