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100th Blog Post

To celebrate this 100th blog post on Blinds-Eye View I’ve decided to have a little contest.  I’ll get to that in a moment though. First of all, I would like to thank everyone who has supported me in this endeavor.  It’s your encouragement through Likes, Comments, Shares, and submissions which have given me the self-esteem

A Modest Proposal: No More Disposal Of The Dead

A while back, some of my more devote readers may remember I wrote a post “A Modest Proposal,” on the advantages of ceasing human life at age 70.  For those of you who didn’t, a “modest proposal” is a totally ridiculous suggestion, backed up with a ton of supporting evidence.  It’s not meant to sway

What Was Your Worst Subject In School

I was feeling a little nostalgic when I came up with this one.  Thinking back….WAY back to my secondary school days.  For the most part, I was the guy who just “got along” through school.  I wasn’t a straight-A student by any stretch of the imagination, but I had no major issues with passing either. 

Strange Things People Do

Have you ever sat down and really considered just how unique the human race is from other animals?  If you’re normal, like most people, probably not.  These are the type of things that come to me when I lay down to sleep at night.  Hey, I’ve never claimed to be normal.  I don’t anyone else

Pass This On!

I’ve been seeing this little gem popping up all over Facebook today.   A nice friendly way to let your Facebook friends and family know you’re tired of receiving these annoying messages.   Even though I’ve never passed along one of these worthless pieces of crap myself, I couldn’t resist posting my own Marty-style response to posts like the one

What Have I Accomplished This Year?

Up until this particular one, it’s been several years since I actually felt like I’ve accomplished anything by the end of the year.  Excuse my pessimism for the moment, but that’s a pretty damn sad statement for the course of 365 days.  To think that it’s been 365 days so many times since I’ve felt

A Much Different Night Before Christmas

Years ago, in my college days at IUP, I use to write silly little poems and stories for my friends at Christmas time.  This is a variation of one of my first ones.  I’ve changed it a bit here and there, partially due to not remembering a few of the exact lines, and also to

The Vampire Chad Is Off To Publishing

Just in case you haven’t seen my Facebook posts, my novel, “The Vampire Chad” is complete and has been sent to Amazon.come for review and publishing.  Due to this fact, the first draft is no longer available on Blinds-Eye View.  The full copyedited full version will hopefully be available for sale on Amazon in both

Thanks For Your Support!

As the year is drawing to a close here in a few short weeks, I’d like to take a moment to thank the people who have been truly supportive of Blinds-Eye View for the past 6 months the blog has been up and running. I write for my own enjoyment, but I truly love when

If I Won The Lottery

We’ve all been there.  We’ve watched all those numbers be drawn at 7:00 pm at night and fantasized about what our lives would be like if we won?  Or, even better, what would it be like to win the freaking Powerball?  To be downright, sloppy rich!  Some people imagine living in a fancy mansion.  Some

6 Words To Describe Yourself

If you could only use 6 words to describe yourself to a stranger, what would they be, and why?  The #1 rule here is that you can NOT list more negative traits than positive ones.  It’s always easier for us to knock ourselves down than to lift ourselves up.  We need to resist that inclination,

Which Is The Truth?

I’ve seen a few of these around and figured I’d give it a shot.  I tell two stories; One true, one a total fabrication.  The reader has to figure out which one is real and which is total B.S.  I figure with my ability to tell tall tales, I might actually have a chance of

The Dilemmas of Daylight Saving Time

If you’re like the majority of people living in the gold ole U.S.A., you’re no stranger to the pain in the ass which is Daylight Savings Time (DST). Granted, we’re not the only ones in the world who have to follow this archaic practice.  As many as 70 countries do so in this day and

Put Yourself In Their Shoes

Okay, I’ll admit right from the get-go that this post has nothing to do with my Halloween motif this month.  As it has to do with the disabled, and October is National Disability Employment Awareness Month, I figured I’d squeeze it in. I was wondering how many of my 3-4 dedicated readers would be interested

Papa’s Song

Just a sad and spooky little poem creeping around my twisted noggin.   I know this place I fear to tread It’s guarded by a child undead The house is right there down the lane I have to pass, I can’t refrain It’s not as scary when dawn lightens But come the dusk my nerves

Do You Believe In Ghosts?

I do.  Ever since I was young, I’ve had a bit of a sense of them.  I don’t consider myself flat out physic or anything, not to the point where I’m ready to become a devote spiritualist or anything.  Just a bit what I would call attuned to their presence.  I won’t totally bore you

The Origin of Friday the 13th

The modern western superstition of fearing Friday the 13th is known as paraskevidekatriaphobia in psychiatric circles.  Thank gawd, they went with the title “Friday the 13th” for the movies, right?  Seriously, who would be interested in watching “Paraskevidekatriaphobia: Jason Needs Phonetics Training?”  I just don’t see that one becoming a theater blockbuster. So, where does

Kindle Version of “Pre-Hysterical Times” Now Available!

My short story, “Pre-Hysterical Times” is available NOW on Kindle!  It’s FREE if you have Kindle Unlimited and only $2.99 otherwise!   Just go to my humor blog at www.blindseyeview.com, and you’ll find it on the righthand side of the page if you scroll down a bit.  The link will take you directly to the

I’m An Author!

For the first time in almost 51 years on this planet, I actually FEEL like a published author tonight.  Yes, I’ve been doing all kinds of little writing projects (Stories, Poems, Doodles) for friends and family throughout the years.  And yes, I’ve been posting all kinds of content online for all the world to see