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The Vampire Chad (Part 27)

He was in Chrystal’s body again, just as he’d been at the Glasgow Necropolis.  The meditation had gone so much easier this time.  Maybe it was like riding a bike, once you got it, you got it?  Maybe it was the fact that they were a lot closer geographically this time?  Maybe it was because

The Vampire Chad (Part 26)

If there was one thing in this world that I really couldn’t stand, it was someone who thought their shit didn’t stink.  I just never understood someone’s pathetic need to put themselves above someone else and step on others to get there.  Yes, you could argue that that in itself was the cornerstone of capitalism;

The Vampire Chad (Part 25)

Stealing the journal like that may have been a bit reckless and cocky.  We could have done it with way more discretion and finesse.  Sometimes you just have to say “What the fuck,” and go for it though.  If you can’t be reckless and cocky now and then, where’s the fun in life?  And it

The Vampire Chad (Part 24)

It took her the remainder of the evening to get through about a quarter of the book.  Yes, she could read the Latin text rather fluently, but it’s not like the ancient book had a table of contents or glossary in it.   You just could just jump to the chapter on the 3 keys.  The

The Vampire Chad (Part 23)

It was almost time to bring her out of this.  I’d gotten the majority of the answers I was looking for.  There was at least one thing I wanted some further clarification on though. “So, what all does a Neophyte have to do to prove their ready to become an Adept, Chrystal?  You’ve taught me

The Vampire Chad (Part 22)

But then again, maybe I shouldn’t keep it from her?  First and foremost, there’s was no way I was going to be able to travel the whole way to Scotland and back without being gone at least a few days.  There was no way I could explain being away that long of a time from

The Vampire Chad (Part 20)

“I can tell by the look on your face that you weren’t planning on dealing with me directly tonight, my young friend,” he began.  “Can I take that as a sign that killing me wasn’t part of your original scheme?” I was totally dumbfounded. “You’ve lost me here, Vash,” I said.  “Who said anything about

The Vampire Chad (Part 21)

I had two more things I had to do before I left though.  First, I had to locate that damn talisman, the one pictured on the front of the Praeter Naturam, which Tash had used to hypnotize me.  Something with that level of power couldn’t be left to burn.  Because that was task #2 on

The Vampire Chad (Part 19)

So, the home that we had to furnish, stock, and move into was a flat in the Battery Park City neighborhood of Manhattan.  It was a relatively upscale and crimefree section of the city.  Not as ritzy as some we looked at, but it fits our demographic a bit better.  Anonymity is key, especially when

The Vampire Chad (Part 18)

She leaned her naked body forward on the bed and planted a kiss upon my forehead. “You see, my love,” she said.  “You were not the only one who really wasn’t given a choice.  The only difference is, I was the one to make the decision for both of us.  When it comes down to

The Vampire Chad (Part 17)

The first question out of my mouth, before any other was, “What does Fuil mo chridhe mean?  I can tell it’s some term of endearment.  And what kind of relationship did the two of you have?” What can I say?  My male pride had been burning every second since I heard him address her with

The Vampire Chad (Part 16)

A thousand questions flooded my mind at that particular moment, but Chrystal was having none of it when they started flying out of my mouth. “Shush…not now,” she scolded me, almost like a child.  “We need to get away from here now.  Before he gets back.  And never mind who.  I’ll explain it all to

The Vampire Chad (Part 15)

The casket was sitting on top of a larger stone coffin in the middle of what appeared to be a family or church crypt.  A very out of place location for a modern casket.  A few other stone coffins were set into the floor of the crypt such as this one under the casket, and

The Vampire Chad (Part 14)

Having said his peace, Tas was good to his word.  Removing the Soul Seer Amulet from my neck, with the jibe that he didn’t want me running off with one of them again, he put it, and the one that had been around his neck, back in the cabinet.  He then walked over to an

The Vampire Chad (Part 13)

“Tas Vandlo,” I exclaimed the second I woke up the following evening.  No, that wasn’t her name, I chuckled to myself.  A girl with that weird of a name would be pretty hard to forget.  Granted, where my unconscious mind pulled up that little gem of a name, I had no clue. But it certainly

The Vampire Chad (Part 12)

“Does that convince you, Chrystal,” I asked, madly rubbing the tears off my face.  “Does that prove my love to you, for Christ’s sake?  Or do I have to go screw and kill every other well-to-do bitch in this place?  Would you like that?  Is that truly what you want me to do?” Chrystal glared

The Vampire Chad (Part 11)

This is definitely not the behavior you would expect from a pure and well-mannered Cinderalla Ball debutante.  Not that I was complaining, mind you.  I just felt that the timing, company and venue were a bit off.  Giving a man you just met a handjob underneath the table at a prestigious event was outrageous enough.

The Vampire Chad (Part 10)

And unlike Chrystal, I rarely played with my food.  C.J. had been an exception, as he was truly my first kill and I wanted to make sure, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that he deserved to die.  Yes, I still made sure that my marks deserved their sentence, but I spent as little time

The Vampire Chad (Part 9)

So we had the most important piece for our plan; A dead body.  Now we just had to turn him into me.  This was the easy, though slightly painful part.  Using our elevated vampire strength, we easily broke his jaw and pulled out several key teeth; Teeth which matched fillings and dental work which I

The Vampire Chad (Part 8)

I awoke the next evening with the realization that it had now been three entire days since my birthday; Since the night Chrystal had spirited me away from Kim and my other friends at the bar.  No matter what else Chrystal might have on our agenda tonight, I had to at least call Kim and