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10 Terrific Ways To Make Sports More interesting

Anyone who truly knows me is well aware of my take on most sports.  I have absotively posilutely no interest in the majority of them.  Especially if it centers around a bunch of guys trying to grab on to each other’s balls.  Not dissing my gay friends, but if I had any interest in that there’s plenty of sites on the internet for that kind of thing.  That being said, here are a few of my top suggestions for making some of these sports more interesting.

#10    Football

Really simple, make everyone on the field wear the same uniforms.  It would be a freaking hoot watching everyone trying to figure out who was on who’s team.  The total chaos would make it a lot more interesting than, “Okay, they’re running this way with the ball now.  Whoa, now their running that way with it.”  How much are these guys getting paid for this?

#9      Baseball

America’s “favorite” pastime would be a lot more engaging if they let the batter keep hold of the bat while he rounded the bases.  Someone is getting ready to catch the ball at the base he’s almost made it to?  Hit the ball again, or the person who’s trying to catch it.  “First Baseman is down, but the batter is SAFE!”

#8      Hockey

Simple.  Make them play without any protective equipment.  The fights and brutality would have an even more graphic effect.  That’s the only reason people watch it anyway, for the fights, right?

#7      Gymnastics

Don’t let those people chalk their hands for a better grip.  Slather all the equipment in grease.  Make those uneven bars a challenge!  Check out who just corn-dogged themselves on the balance beam?  And you don’t even want to see what happens when you grease up that mini-trampoline!

#6      Ice Dance

Though I am a fan of this one, I think it could be spiced up a bit.  Maybe set some polar bears loose on it?  Look at that dance couple, just barely missing getting mauled!

#5      Roller Skating Figures and Dance

Yes, I’ll probably be shot for this one, as my bestie used to be a National’s level competitor.  I always thought it would be interesting if they did the figure and dance competitions simultaneously though.  Let’s see you stay on that line with couples zigging and zagging through your circles ladies and gentleman!

#4      Swimming

Well duh, …set lose some sharks, barracudas, alligators, or electric eels.  Or maybe one of each, to make it more interesting.  I bet those lap times would be chewed in half!

#3      Tennis

For the pros, spiked tennis balls, like the ones you see on the ends of flails.  I’ve never seen him move that fast away from a serve.  For the amateurs, we’ll make it a little safer.  They can use rubber balls.  They’re not quite as dangerous, but one good hit and that thing will NEVER quit bouncing.

#2      NASCAR

Okay, folks, I’ve said this one several times before.  Not in any of these blog posts, but jokingly to several friends and family throughout the years.  The first person who knows the answer to this question, or is able to guess it, gets a free copy of one of my three books; “Pre-Hysterical Times,” “The Vampire Chad,” or “The Haunting of Sivins Manor.”  Leave your answers in the comments section below.

#1      Volleyball

You knew you weren’t going to make it through a whole post of mine without me suggesting doing something nude or sexual.  And I’m not about to disappoint you now.  Though nude volleyball really isn’t a new thing on nude beaches and such, I think they need to make it mandatory for the professional level as well.  Can you imagine it?  Every freaking game sold out for every game played every season?  They’d be rolling in the dough.  Okay…okay…in all fairness, I guess all the sports can do this.  Except for the Ice Skaters.  One, we don’t need “things” freezing to the ice, and second, nobody wants to be mauled by a polar bear when they have “something” frozen to the ice.  Now you’re just being cruel!

So, what other sports do you believe should be changed for entertainment purposes?  Has anyone figured out how I would make NASCAR more interesting?  Leave your answers and guesses in the comments section below.


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