}); 10 Terrific Personal Distractions – Blinds-Eye View

10 Terrific Personal Distractions

Admit it, we all have them; Those little personal distractions that keep us from doing what we’re supposed to do in life.  They’re the things we choose to do instead of the crap we’re supposed to be accomplishing.  The house needs cleaning?  I’ll get to it right after this.  The dishes need to be done?  I’ll do them after a little of that?  The house is burning down!  Whatever…I’ll get around to it eventually.  Yeah, we’re all guilty here folks.  Here is a list of my biggest vices when it comes to avoiding being productive.


I can guarantee you that a LOT of us share this one.  Whether it’s chatting it up with an old friend, posting comment after comment under friends and family’s posts, or stalking our ex to make sure their life is more pathetic than ours, we’ve all wasted a fair amount of our time here or on social media.  With all the stupid little games you can play, and the endless video streams on top of it all, the site was designed to turn us into lethargic drones.

Lost In Thought

I’ve touched on this one before.  I’ve always had the ability to totally entertain myself just with my own thoughts.  Given the opportunity, I couldn’t probably just sit there for hours in my own little world.  I’d probably scare the hell out of anyone who had the patience to sit there and watch me.  Is he like trapped in there or what?  Yes, it can be a scary place to get trapped in folks.  Marty’s Mind.  Would give anyone the shivers….lol.

The Nothing Box

You’ve all probably all heard of this one by now, though many of the ladies may still doubt and argue its existence.  Welcome to the Nothing Box; The place men go to think about absolutely nothing. We love it here and only come out when we’re drug out kicking and screaming.

Random Surfing

I’ll admit it, I’m an internet junkie.  I can sit here and PARTIALLY justify my computer time on research for blog ideas or information for the current book I’m working on.  I do utilize the web for quite a bit of that.  But more often than not, I’m spending precious time that I’ll never get back learning how this or that religion thinks we all came to Earth on spaceships, why the Earth must be flat, or exactly what shampoo Donald Trump uses to tame his wild undead doo.


And what do we do while we’re spending so much time on the internet?  Do we balance the checkbook?  Pay our bills?  Work on next week’s budget?  Hell no!  We sit there and stuff our faces; Mindlessly popping chip after chip, cookie after cookie into our gaping yap.  You better stay off of the desk cat, or you may be next.

Singing with YouTube

If you don’t do this at least once or twice a month, you gots no rhythm.  There are times, late at night after the kids have crashed for the evening, that I swear I’ve put on whole concerts.  Sometimes, they even get subjected to the show!  Oh, the horror, right?  It’s an awesome stress reliever.  Who doesn’t secretly love their own singing voice, whether it’s a founded belief or otherwise?

Playing With The Dog/Cat

This one really shouldn’t count, as our furry family members need their love and attention.  They do make a nice momentary distraction though.  Well, I WAS going to pick up the room a bit, but you want to play fetch, Jemma?  No problem.  Throw after throw, tug after tug, belly rub, belly rub, belly rub.  Such a good girl.  Oh, you’ve had enough, okay?  Back to YouTube I guess.


In today’s busy world, there isn’t a lot of time for this one.  Not that there’s ample time for ANY of these time wasters, but this is one that most adults don’t take advantage of enough.  I use to be the same way until I discovered how liberating it can be.  The busy world will still be out there waiting for you, no matter what time you go back out into it.  So sleep in till 9, 10, 11 in the morning if you don’t have to be to work that day.  Catch an hour catnap in the hour or evening if you have the time off work.  It’s heaven!

Watching Clip Strings

Whether it’s on YouTube, Facebook, or wherever, you’ve run into them somewhere.  You watch a video that you’re actually interested in, and then the one that auto-plays after that, and the one after that, and the one after that….  A half hour later, you wake up with a keyboard imprint on your face, wondering why you’re watching an instructional video on whitewall removal with a spork.

Marty Time

To spare the weak-stomached and any innocents in the room, I won’t get too descriptive with this one.  As for the rest of you, get off your high horse.  We’ve all done it, with or without a partner.  Western culture tries to shame us for it, but it’s a perfectly natural and normal thing.  If you’re old enough to do it, you’re mature enough to discuss it.  It feels awesome, it’s calorie-free and great cardio exercise, and as long as you’re doing it right, it’s perfectly safe and hurts nobody.  Enjoy!

So, what’s your favorite distraction from the realities of everyday life?  Is it one of the diversions I mentioned above, or something even more inventive?  Let me know in the comments section below.