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10 Terrific Goals To Put On Your Bucket List

If you’re like most people, a good portion of the items you put on your personal bucket list are things that are hard to obtain or may take you years to get around to.  The following are a dozen little things you could probably pull off in less than week or two, a month or two at best.  Some are a bit risqué and may be above your comfort level, but at least consider them.  Most will make you feel pretty good about yourself or young at heart.


I know what you’re going to say.  Who has time for that?  In our busy lives, sometimes like it feels we don’t have enough time for us, let alone helping anyone else out.  I’m not saying you go for any long-term commitment here.  I’m saying do it once for an hour or two.  Whether it’s helping out at the local soup kitchen, recreational facility, or stopping into a retirement home and visiting with the elderly, it doesn’t matter.  You might decide you like it.  And even if you don’t, you can pat yourself on the back for being part of the solution.  Even if it was only once.  It will make you feel good.

Visit a Nude Beach

Yes, this is one of the easiest of the risqué ones.  Granted, depending on where you live at, you may have to travel a bit to accomplish this one.  It’s not like you have to do it tomorrow though.  Next time you’re traveling for business or pleasure, check out the local beaches and see if they have one.  There’s no reason to be self-conscious or shy here.

One, everyone is going to be “showing it all” so it’s not like you’re going to be singled out or anything.  Two, the majority of the people who utilize nude beaches are naturalists.  They’re not going there to have sex or ogle anyone.  They just feel closer to nature without the trappings of clothing.  They won’t stare.  Giving the same courtesy, neither should you.  Just go about your business like it was the most natural thing to do.  Because it is.  It will take you out of your normal comfort zone, at no real risk.  Go for it!

Break The Law

No, I’m not talking about murder or knocking over a bank here.  Let’s keep ourselves out of jail here, okay folks?  We’re talking small time misdemeanor or summary offense tops here.  It could be something as simple as busting open and drinking a soda at your local grocery store and “forgetting” to pay for it.  Taking 10 samples when you’re only supposed to take one, jaywalking across the street, or “pantsing” someone in the street.  Anything to give that little rebellious feeling now and then.

Make A Prank Call

Another juvenile little trick, which isn’t as easy these days with caller I.D. is making prank calls.  It could be something as lame as the old “Is your refrigerator running?” joke, or something as elaborate as pretending you’re from a phone sex company trying to get hold of one of your favorite clients.  This is especially fun to pull on couples when they’re together at the time.  Fun fun fun!  Yes, it’s juvenile and maybe beneath you, but it never hurts to pack away your adult demeanor now and then and be a kid.

Pay It Forward

Yes, I know, money is tight for everybody, but that’s the point of this one.  Just once in your life, when you’re sitting at a restaurant, pay for a random person’s meal without their knowledge.  It can be anything from a whole family to just one person having a coffee and pastry.  When the waiter/waitress tells them it’s already been paid for, there’s going to be one confused but happy and appreciative person sitting there.  It will make their day and yours for helping someone out.  Who knows, someday it may be you that gets it paid forward for?

Go Skinny Dipping

Another juvenile one, but still fun.  No, I’m not talking about breaking into the local pool or YMCA pool and doing the “breast” stroke for anyone, or security, to see.  You can be arrested for that shit, and the embarrassment could be horrible.  Especially if you’re a “respected” member of the community.  No, I’m talking about hitting a secluded pond, lake or stream, with or without company, and just going for it for awile.  No….stripping, running into the water, back out and getting dressed doesn’t count.  15-20 minimum here folks.  Just the slightest possibility of being caught should get that adrenaline pumping for ya.

Donate To Charity

Again, I realize money is tight, but somebody always has it worse than you.  It doesn’t have to be much.  It doesn’t need to be often.  Ya just have to do it.  You’ll be helping someone out, and it will make you feel great about yourself as well.

Have Sex Somewhere You’ve Never Had It Before

It could be as risk-free as some room of the house you and your significant other haven’t “christened” yet, or somewhere more risqué.  Outside?  In a car?  At Church?  At work?  At a baseball game?  Wherever!  Just remember, the thrill is in doing it somewhere different, with the potential of getting caught.  The potential doesn’t need to be a high one.  Again, public embarrassment potential galore on this one.  Be careful!

Crash A Wedding Reception

I use to do this one with my cousin years ago when we’re in our late teens and earlier twenties.  Drive through town on a Saturday afternoon, preferably in the summertime, and look for wedding receptions.  Local firehalls, lodges, and clubs are you’re best places to try.  Once you find one, you want to make sure that the festivities haven’t just started.  You have more chance at “not being recognized” at that time.  Once things are in full swing, enter and help yourself to the buffet.  And if they have an open bar, we’re talking major score!  You get bonus points if you dance with the bride or groom without being thrown out.


Anyone who has never done this in their life should just go home now.  That is, except for those of you who can’t get driver’s licenses.  As with everything else on this list, make sure you’re careful about it of course.  A nice long straight o’ way with little to no traffic, and floor it!  If you don’t get up to at least 90, you’re not trying hard enough.  There’s no bigger rush.  How do I know this, not owning a driver’s license?  One, I’ve ridden with my fair share of lead foots.  Second, Off-road vehicles like 4-wheelers and dirt bikes count.

Write a Short Story

I don’t care if you can’t spell the word “spell,” if you don’t know a noun from a verb, or don’t know a period from sitting in strawberry jelly.  Everybody has at least one good story to write.  I don’t care if it’s as short.  I don’t care if it’s well written.  I don’t care if you didn’t get my period/strawberry jelly joke.  You can do it.  You might even decide you like it.  You might even be good at it.  Go for it!

Sing For Half An Hour A Day

I’ve mentioned this one before, but it’s worth a repeat.  And it’s a really easy one if ya make the time for it.  I don’t care if you can’t carry a tune in a bucket, sound like a dying hyena, or if birds migrate at the sound of your voice.  Sing!  It lifts your mood, relieves stress, and instills ya with more self-confidence.  Who couldn’t use a little bit of that in their everyday life?

So, I know you’re probably asking the question; Just how many of these “easy” bucket list items have Yours Truly tried?  Practice what you preach, and all, right?  I’m happy to admit that there are only two things I haven’t done yet.  I haven’t gone skinny dipping and I haven’t visited a nude beach.  I’m ready to go whenever any of you are though.