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10 Terrific and Terrible Things About Living In The Country

There are generally two types of people in this world; Those who enjoy living in the country, and those who prefer the city.  Both have their justifiable reasons why they prefer one or the other and believe the other side is full of shit.  So, let’s look at the argument, from the country perspective.  What are the biggest pros and cons of living in rural America?

#10  Friendly People

You generally can’t walk up or down the street without someone, even strangers, saying “How do you do?”

Pros – Some people enjoy this level of familiarity.  Oh boy, a chance for a new friend.

Cons – This goes for people you DON’T want to know as well.  Like the smelly, skanky hobo woman who lives in a cardboard box and wants you to come home with her.

#9    Know More People

With a smaller population, everybody pretty much knows everyone else.  Chances are, they might even be related.

Pros – You know exactly who you’re dealing with in every situation.  This guy is cool.  That guy’s a jerk.  Don’t even try to strike up a conversation with that lunatic.

Cons – Everybody knows you and what you were caught doing behind the woodshed with a goat, a slinky, and a roll of duct tape.

#8    Cheaper Cost Of Living

Living in rural America is DEFINITELY cheaper than living in any city of the country.

Pros – Well, duh.  You don’t have to pay as much for goods and services wherever you go.  Who doesn’t like that?

Cons – You may be paid for goods and services with 3 chickens and an old bull named Clarence.

#7    Lower Crime Rate

In the country, things like unemployment aren’t as widespread, therefore the level of crime is lower as well.

Pros – Another no-brainer, lower crime means fewer people being victimized.

Cons – Local law enforcement’s most exciting cases involve public drunkenness, brawls, and what Uncle Gerber was caught doing with that sheep.

#6    Privacy

With fewer people living in a widespread area, you don’t live on top of your neighbors.

Pros – You can strut around your house totally naked, with every window curtain open.  You can even take a jaunt outside if your neighbor’s house isn’t in sight.  WOO HOO !!!

Cons – There’s still traffic along the road, idjut.  Get your naked fool ass back in the house!  Ya just scared the hell out of that Amish grandma!

#5    Less Pollution

With less industry and fewer vehicles, pollution is at fairly tolerable levels in the country.

Pros – You can breathe freely and not worry about swilling around in toxic waste down at the local water hole.

Cons – Some people like glowing, 3-headed catfish for dinner.

#4    Quieter

Noise pollution is definitely a smaller factor in the country.

Pros – You can enjoy the peaceful sounds of nature such as the wind, birds, peepers, dogs barking, and running streams.

Cons – On a dark night while you’re walking down a country road, you can hear the bear, mountain lion or rattlesnake approaching behind you.

#3    Almost Everything Is In Walking Distance

If you live in a small country town, chances are you can traverse the entire little burg on foot.

Pros – No need for a car or public transportation

Cons – Try getting a microwave home from Wal-Mart without a car or public transportation.

#2    Less Competitive Lifestyle

Things are quite laid back living in the country.

Pros – You don’t have to deal with maintaining a professional image in either your business or personal life.

Cons– You will see the town drunk, wobbling down the street in nothing but a pair of tighty-not-so-whities loudly singing Willie Nelson tunes on a regular basis

#1    Closer To Family

Families and their members tend to continue living in the same area, generation after generation.

Pros– You always have a parent, sibling, uncle, aunt, or cousin handy if you need anything.

Cons – Unless you’re from West Virginia, you’re dating pool is drastically shallow.

So, what are some of the pros and cons you can come up with in regards to living in the country?  Leave your comments in the section below.

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