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10 Terrible Ways To Show A Person You Love Them

With Valentine’s Day this week, or as I affectionately like to call it Happy Love-Is-For-Suckers Day, I figured I’d give some of you bleeding heart romantics some love advice.  Not on how to win someone over.  I’ve covered that one in a past blog post.  Rather, to give you some suggestions on what not to do.  That list is always so much more fun.

#10    Stalk Them

If there’s one thing that will scare someone off faster than a 400-pound man on a Slip N’ Slide, it’s by stalking them.  Whether this is just following their movements from home to work to lunch to back home again, or hanging outside their bedroom window at night, neither is the best way to win their love, or trust for that matter.  Step up your game and hide better, ya amateurs!

The Naked Man

I’ll admit, I’m stealing this one from one of my favorite sitcoms, “How I Met Your Mother.”  It’s hilarious though.  The move is…on your first date with someone, when you’ve reached the part of the date where you realize there most likely isn’t going to be a second date, you find away to get them to invite you up to their apartment.  Having to use their bathroom is the easiest excuse.  From there, as soon as they leave you alone in a room of their apartment, whether it’s the bathroom, living room, or wherever, remove all your clothes.  Either enter the room their in, in all your naked glory, or wait for them to come looking for you.  2 out of 3 times, supposedly, this will get them in bed with you that night.

Sure, it may be your first and last date, but you still got something out of it, right?  I’ve never tried this one personally, but I’m betting those odds are a bit favored.  More likely, they will run screaming from the area, calling the police as they go.  I can only imagine the number of violations you could be charged with on this one…lol.

#8      Hitting Them

I’m not talking about abuse of assault here.  I’m talking about the “almost” playful habit of hitting, smacking, pinching, or slapping someone you’re attracted to.  The old “Pulling her Pigtails” method.  This may have worked for you in 2nd grade.  Chances are, she’s gonna mace ya, kick your ass, or call the cops if you do it to her as an adult.  Grow up there, Chucky!  There are better ways to get a girl’s attention.

#7      Graffiti

Writing down your undying feelings for someone on either their property or public property may sound romantic.  Being arrested for vandalism or destruction of property is not.  Besides, if he/she has no interest in you, you’ve just put yourself out there in a very embarrassing public way.  Stick with face to face confrontation, Pal.

#6      Breaking Up Their Current Relationship

Unless you’re a master of manipulation or do it in a way that you’ll NEVER be implicated, all you’re doing here is setting yourself up to look like a real douche.  Besides, after breaking up with someone, it’s rare that someone just jumps right back on that horse again.  And there’s no guarantee that horse will be you.  Don’t mess with love.

#5      Having Someone Else Do It

Truly the wimp’s way out.  An awesome way of showing how forward you are by letting someone else profess your undying love for someone for you.  It’s one thing to have a friend ask him or her if they like you, it’s another to ask or expect them to relay what you should be relaying.  An “I lke you” is way to special for that, right?

#4      Social Media Stalking

Just like physical stalking, Facebook stalking is no better.  This is when you like EVERYTHING they post, comment on EVERYTHING they post, and try to convince them your someone you aren’t.  It gets old fast, and you’re just going to end up driving or scaring them away.

#3      Acting Like You Hate Them

Another juvenile trick, almost as bad as hitting them.  Insisting to friends, family, and even possibly them, that ou don’t like them.  Or just plain treating them that way.  Again, let’s get out of grade school here, Chucky.  Chances are, if you treat them like you hate them, they’re going to return that emotion in earnest.  Kind of defeats your purpose, huh?

#2      Sending Them Anonymous Love Letters or Gifts

Thisone is in the same league as Stalking.  Maybe in the last century this kind of thing was romantic, or at least an ego boost to the recipient.  Who wouldn’t appreciate a secret admirer who spoils them in that day and age?  In today’s society where we ignore the world around us, with the exception of close friends and family, it comes off more stalker-ish than anything else.  You don’t want CSI showing up at your door, do you?

#1      Sky Writers

This one ranks right up with the Graffiti.  The only difference is, it’s publicly embarrassing on an even larger scale.  Save the skywriting for proposals where you’re already in a relationship with the recipient.  That’s romantic!

So, what is the stupidest or worst way you’ve shown your interest in someone?  Leave your answers in the comments section below.  FYI, I’ve tried at least three of these..hehehe.