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10 Terrible and Terrific Ways To Waste Time

After dealing with all of the daily necessities of life, such as working a job, going to school, paying bills, and doing household chores, we all have our special ways of winding down or spend our free time.  Some of these ways are productive.  Others?  Not so much.  Here are some of bigger wastes of time that I came up with.

#10  FaceBook

I have a feeling this is a #1 for a lot of you…myself included.  I’ll admit, I spend a considerable amount of my downtime on Facebook.  A lot more since I’m no longer “officially” working.  My only justification is that it has also become my #1 source of social interaction.  In a world where I spend almost all my time at home, with teenagers who are more hermit-like than myself, most of the time it is the ONLY social interaction I get these days.  I know though, it’s still a major time waster.

#9  Binge Watching – Netflix/Hulu

With the exception of my ex, I cut the biggest financial waste of my life away years ago.  Namely, my cable bill. I finally got to the point where I couldn’t justify spending over $100 a month on 500 channels of crap that I truly had no interest in watching.  Admit it…9 times out of 10 when you find something to watch on cable, it’s not actually something you want to watch, it’s something you’ve settled on because it was the best of the worst options.  Why pay for that?

Not to sound like a spokesman for Netflix or Hulu, but you can spend around $20 total for the two of them and watch the majority of the current shows you love a day or two later.  Furthermore, you watch the whole series you love, from start to finish, whenever you want to.  Ya can’t beat that shit, right?  The only downside is, it is so easy to binge watch these shows to the extent where you don’t get much else done in a morning, afternoon, evening, or even entire day if you’re a power binger.

#8  YouTube

And even if you don’t have cable, Netflix, Hulu or some other service, there’s always YouTube.  Who isn’t spoiled in this new age where you can listen to almost any song you please, not to mention watch its video?  I’ve wasted many an hour or so of my downtime just rocking out to some of my favs.  What’s it truly accomplish besides mellowing you out?  Nada.  But we all do it.

#7  Googling

The new millennia has totally spoiled all of us, in that the world’s information is literally at our fingertips.  You can find out anything and everything you want with a little online research, if you know how and where to go about it.  And not only important information, but worthless trivia you never truly cared about.  You can Google your life away surfing and searching the web for no reason other than you want to know if male penguins are better fathers than human males.  By the way, the answer to that is most likely yes on most counts.

#6  Reading

You can argue that reading informs and enriches the mind, and is therefore not a waste of time.  And I can agree with you on that.  Reading will increase your knowledge and is the #2 way of learning. (#1 is actually physically DOING what you want to learn)  But it depends on what you’re reading as to whether you’re actually learning something or just burning brain cells.  If it’s a just some smutty romance book, fantasy novel, or U.S.A Today, you’re getting no real discernable knowledge from it.

#5  Video Games

Besides the possible increase of hand-eye coordination and improving reaction time, video games fall under the same category.  Mostly a child and teenager mode of wasting time, but I have to admit I’ve spent a considerable amount of my adult life just trying to get my character to that next level.  What have I gained for my hours of staring at a screen and clickidy clanking my keyboard or controller?  One more step closer to Carpal Tunnel Syndrome probably.

#4  Day-Dreaming

One of my all-time favorite, worthless past times.  Just zoning out and letting my mind wander.  You can do it almost anywhere or anytime, though I would suggest it at work or on the drive anywhere.  People also tend to look at you weird if you do it in mixed company.  Whenever I’m alone though, I can drift off forever if I let myself.  Sometimes it can be productive if you’re trying to work your way through an issue or problem.  Most of the time, it’s just idle thought though.  Hmm…what if I actually had x-ray vision?  hehehe

#3  Cleaning

My best friend, Kim, may travel the few hundred miles north to smack me for calling cleaning a waste of time, but let me justify myself here.  Yes, keeping a sanitary living environment can be important to your health.  Especially in areas such as the kitchen and bathroom.  How necessary is it though for the rest of your house to be spotless and organized?  Will your family come down with the plague if everything isn’t put away in its place?  Will you all be wiped out by a carpet that hasn’t been vacuumed in a few weeks?  Will Armageddon occur if you can’t remember the last time you dusted?  And what about that crumpled up piece of paper just lying on the floor?  You’re just asking for AIDS with that timebomb lying there, aren’t you?

What I’m trying to say, in my typical sarcastic ass tone is, life is too short to spend more than you need of it cleaning.  As long as you keep the oogie messes and smells under control, why waste so much of your time with the rest?

#2 Window Shopping

Again, my friend Kim is probably going to throttle me for this one.  But what do you truly accomplish by window shopping?  Yes, it has its benefits, if you’re in the market for a particular item, and you want to check out features and current prices, but just the simple act of window shopping for the sake of looking at products is a major waste of time.  Especially if you spend an entire day with friends doing it.  You’ve just spent an entire day accomplishing nothing, right?

Don’t get me wrong.  I’m am just as guilty of this one as anyone else.  I used to love me and my best friend Kim’s all-day shopping sprees.  Even if the only thing we ended bringing home at the end of the long day of mall crawling was a package of underwear.  It was the social, easy going, fun loving nature of the trips that made it worth it to me.  Times I’ll always remember, even if we accomplished next to nothing.

#1  Smoking

As someone who smoked their entire adult life, up until 6 months ago, I can only guess at how many years I shaved off my life doing it.  I’m not actually talking about the time I have left to live though.  I’m referring to the time I’ve physically wasted smoking each and every cigarette over the past 30-some years.  Let’s do some rough math here.

It takes approximately 5 minutes to smoke a cigarette.  In most cases, unless you’re a major multi-tasker, that’s all you did for those 5 minutes was smoke.  The typical smoker averages a pack a day, which is 20 cigarettes.  20 cigarettes, at 5 minutes each, equals 100 minutes per day smoking.  That’s an hour and 40 minutes.  Multiply that by the 7 days of the week, and you’re looking at over 11.5 hours per week.  Take that times 52, and you’ve spent over 606 hours smoking.  That’s over 25 days you’ve spent smoking…nearly a month!  Now THAT wasting time like a true trooper!

DISCLAIMER:  I am in NO way speaking up against smoking here.  If there was one thing I hated the most as a smoker was a person who quit and acted all high and mighty about it.  We all have our crutches in life.  Something to lean on to help us make it through each day.  Whether it’s cigarettes, chocolate, alcohol, religion, or whatever.  As long as you’re not using it to the point where it’s imposing on you or anyone else, I’m all for it.

So, which of these is your favorite time waster?  Do you have one that isn’t on this list?  Do you disagree with any of the ones I’ve chosen here?  Let me know in the comments section below.