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The Vampire Chad (Part 27)

He was in Chrystal’s body again, just as he’d been at the Glasgow Necropolis.  The meditation had gone so much easier this time.  Maybe it was like riding a bike, once you got it, you got it?  Maybe it was the fact that they were a lot closer geographically this time?  Maybe it was because

10 Terrific Christmas Gifts For Him

Now that I’ve warned the men what not to buy their women, I suppose it’s only fair to let the women know what to buy the men in their lives.  As long as you don’t stray from this list ladies, I won’t have to do a 10 Terrible Christmas Gifts For Him post.  You have

The Vampire Chad (Part 26)

If there was one thing in this world that I really couldn’t stand, it was someone who thought their shit didn’t stink.  I just never understood someone’s pathetic need to put themselves above someone else and step on others to get there.  Yes, you could argue that that in itself was the cornerstone of capitalism;

10 Terrific Reasons To Lock Up Santa

Santa has always been a symbol of love and joy throughout our lifetimes.  Has anyone truly considered what type of role model we have here though?  A short, fat guy who loves eating cookies and milk all night?  Ummm…maybe I should just shut up and stop where I am, huh?  😊  Anyway, here’s 10 other

How To Wrap Those Christmas Presents

Twas the night before Christmas, the children are napping. You put it off way too long, it’s time to get wrapping.   You bought your supplies at the Dollar Store. You’ve got ribbons and bows, wrapping paper galore.   Your one lost set of scissors, you’ve finally tracked down. But you forgot the tape, so

The Vampire Chad (Part 25)

Stealing the journal like that may have been a bit reckless and cocky.  We could have done it with way more discretion and finesse.  Sometimes you just have to say “What the fuck,” and go for it though.  If you can’t be reckless and cocky now and then, where’s the fun in life?  And it

The Vampire Chad (Part 24)

It took her the remainder of the evening to get through about a quarter of the book.  Yes, she could read the Latin text rather fluently, but it’s not like the ancient book had a table of contents or glossary in it.   You just could just jump to the chapter on the 3 keys.  The

Thanks For Your Support!

As the year is drawing to a close here in a few short weeks, I’d like to take a moment to thank the people who have been truly supportive of Blinds-Eye View for the past 6 months the blog has been up and running. I write for my own enjoyment, but I truly love when

The Vampire Chad (Part 23)

It was almost time to bring her out of this.  I’d gotten the majority of the answers I was looking for.  There was at least one thing I wanted some further clarification on though. “So, what all does a Neophyte have to do to prove their ready to become an Adept, Chrystal?  You’ve taught me

10 Terrible Christmas Gifts For Her

With Christmas upon us in a few short weeks, every guy should be scrambling to figure out what to get his lady.  Well, not us “lucky” ones who don’t have a lady, but that’s another matter altogether.  For those of you in deep emotional relationships with a member of the female persuasion, it can be

The Vampire Chad (Part 22)

But then again, maybe I shouldn’t keep it from her?  First and foremost, there’s was no way I was going to be able to travel the whole way to Scotland and back without being gone at least a few days.  There was no way I could explain being away that long of a time from

How To Put Up A Christmas Tree

So, it’s that wonderful time of year again, December.  Time to get all our Christmas shopping done, bake all those delicious Christmas cookies, decorate the house, and put up the tree.  If you’re like me, the last of these little holiday chores is usually the most challenging.  That’s why I’ve put this little Helpful How-To

The Vampire Chad (Part 20)

“I can tell by the look on your face that you weren’t planning on dealing with me directly tonight, my young friend,” he began.  “Can I take that as a sign that killing me wasn’t part of your original scheme?” I was totally dumbfounded. “You’ve lost me here, Vash,” I said.  “Who said anything about

The Vampire Chad (Part 21)

I had two more things I had to do before I left though.  First, I had to locate that damn talisman, the one pictured on the front of the Praeter Naturam, which Tash had used to hypnotize me.  Something with that level of power couldn’t be left to burn.  Because that was task #2 on

If I Won The Lottery

We’ve all been there.  We’ve watched all those numbers be drawn at 7:00 pm at night and fantasized about what our lives would be like if we won?  Or, even better, what would it be like to win the freaking Powerball?  To be downright, sloppy rich!  Some people imagine living in a fancy mansion.  Some

The Vampire Chad (Part 19)

So, the home that we had to furnish, stock, and move into was a flat in the Battery Park City neighborhood of Manhattan.  It was a relatively upscale and crimefree section of the city.  Not as ritzy as some we looked at, but it fits our demographic a bit better.  Anonymity is key, especially when

10 Terrific Personal Distractions

Admit it, we all have them; Those little personal distractions that keep us from doing what we’re supposed to do in life.  They’re the things we choose to do instead of the crap we’re supposed to be accomplishing.  The house needs cleaning?  I’ll get to it right after this.  The dishes need to be done? 

The Vampire Chad (Part 18)

She leaned her naked body forward on the bed and planted a kiss upon my forehead. “You see, my love,” she said.  “You were not the only one who really wasn’t given a choice.  The only difference is, I was the one to make the decision for both of us.  When it comes down to

10 Terrible Ways To Eat An Ice-Cream Cone

More of a summertime post, this one just came to me today, so I figured I’d throw it out there. What red-blooded American doesn’t love a good old-fashioned ice cream cone from their local ice cream shop? There’s no better way to cool down on a hot summer’s day. And real ice cream fans would

The Vampire Chad (Part 17)

The first question out of my mouth, before any other was, “What does Fuil mo chridhe mean?  I can tell it’s some term of endearment.  And what kind of relationship did the two of you have?” What can I say?  My male pride had been burning every second since I heard him address her with